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My laptop ages in dog years

Sorry for being MIA in the blog world this weekend! I’m fairly certain any computer in my possession ages in dog years, meaning its life is cut way too short. My dinosaur of a laptop has been acting funny, and this weekend it wouldn’t turn on.


Well I finally got it to turn on today, so I give you…

My weekend of craptastic runs! <–as in I went running (not, I went running to the bathroom)

Saturday WORKOUT:

Ran 7.27 miles, 1:09:38 (9:35 pace). It was horrible. It was one of those, my legs are made of lead types of runs. But hey, I finished it.

My scheduled run was actually only supposed to be 5 miles. But along with not being able to run, I also cannot add.

Miles 1-7:

9:50 *realization that my legs weren’t going to being moving quickly that AM*
9:51 *fight reality a little bit*
10:10 *give up…sort of*
9:56 *do NOT finish with a 10 min. mile*

I was just glad I got in the mileage. I wanted to make that run a pace run (aka run at an overall pace of 9:09), but it just wasn’t in cards.

The 3 things that made up for my run were:

1) getting to run in my new yoga crops that I won from SCB

When I got them in the mail on Friday, I dropped my things in the front entry way and ran to my room to try them on. My dog was not pleased that she wasn’t first on my list.

workout oufit run yoga crops capri workout oufit run yoga crops capri

2) bagels with Kyle afterwards


3) and lastly, knowing that I had my work holiday party later that evening (recap to come)


Ran 3 miles. This was supposed to be a pace run (this time it was actually on my running schedule) at a 9:09 pace.

27:06, 8:58 pace (8:46, 9:12, 8:56). Not horrible. Not great.

Run followed by Catching Fire with Kyle. Amazing. JLaw, will you be my BFF?

Quick funny (to me) tid-bit: During the movie I was eating my gummy bears.

snacks trader joe's

I always eat them in 2 bites and I took a bite of one and accidentally dropped it. It fell on Kyle’s hand and he thought I gave him a gummy bear until he went to put it in his mouth and it was half eaten lol. Woops.

Anyone have any great (or craptastic) workouts this weekend?

Update me on yo life!


28 thoughts on “My laptop ages in dog years

  1. I didn’t have any workouts this weekend–not even craptastic ones, so you’re way ahead of me! baha about the gummy bear. Let me know when you and JLaw are BFF because I am hanging out with you guys too!

  2. I just realized as I read this post that I haven’t run over 6.5 miles since my half…and I’m not too upset about that at this point. I do kind of miss distance, but I am LOVING that I can run 6 days a week without too much thought. That is until training season starts up again 😉

  3. Because of my class I didn’t work out, or even walk much. I have one (just ONE) “friend” on fitbit and he blew past me . . . . i DO NOT like being in second place (when there are only two places) Today, swam at 6:30 AM and then walked my butt off all day . . . put him down into second place again. Order restored.

    1. Ashley’s lap top has died. she was seeking counsel from Kyle regarding the next one . . . perhaps, when she does a pass by in January . . . .

  4. Had a great long run after my leg of the relay (extra 11.5 miles, easy pace).
    Yeah, once in a while, there are those tough/crappy runs, but if you can push through those and make it out on the other side, then you’ll be mentally stronger for the next race (:

  5. Those gummy bears are sooo good!! I can only buy them on the days of my long runs because I will eat the whole thing in one sitting. They are guilt free that way haha. Sorry your PC is crapping out 😦 You better back that shit up STAT. I’ve lost everything before and it was awful!!

    1. HAHAHA exactly. If you eat it all at once, then it means you only ate poorly 1 time. I feel ya. OMG I know! I’ve already backed everything up on 2 external hard-drives haha because that happened to me in high school and I probably cried a bit.

  6. Booo if computer problems! Nothing stresses me out like my computer having problems!
    (If you need a recommendation on a new one, the Lenovo yoga 13 is the greatest thig in the history of the world!)

    You said it right, at least you finished your runs. When I have craptastic runs, which is all the time, getting in the miles becomes my goal.

    1. OMG I know! All my important stuff is on this thing, but luckily it’s dying in stages so I had time to back stuff up. Thank you for the recommendation! I’m probably going to try to keep her alive until I go off to grad school…we’ll see if that works.

  7. Most of my runs right now are craptastic but that is because they have been inside. MUST GET OUTDOORS!!! The best thing is the fact you did the run and not only did you get some physical training in but you did some mental work as well to keep going.

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