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Help! I need somebody!

Help! Not just anybody!

Hey guys, I need YOUR help πŸ™‚ This Saturday is my work’s holiday party and I still haven’t decided what to wear.

I want Kyle to be impressed, and not say awww like you would to a baby kitten drinking from a bowl of milk. Ya feel me?

kitten milk

BTW I told him not to read this post. Honor system being tested.

So like any normal girl would do, I bought 3 dresses (don’t worry, I can return them). This is for a formal event.

Option 1
Black dress with ruching. Very fitted, like banana-skin tight fitted. Not something I would normally wear so it makes me a little more self conscious.

holiday dress

Option 2
Sparkly, dark navy blue skater dress. A little more comfortable in…but also something a 13 year old girl could wear.

holiday dress

Option 3
Gold and white patterned dress. I found this one on super sale, but not my size. My mom would have to take it in a bunch, so I really need to be certain about it. She pinned it for the photo so you have to use your imagination. Hopefully I won’t have pointy side-boob once she’s done.

holiday dress

Please help me and vote below! Feel free to leave a comment explaining your choice/opinions! Thanks for your help πŸ™‚

And on to the fitness portion of the blog…


Jogged 3.25 miles. Easy pace, but not easy. Legs felt like lead and I wanted to quit about 10 seconds after I stepped on.

I’m sick of running on the treadmill during the week. I leave for work as the sun is just rising, and I get home as it is setting. So for right now, the weekends are my only outdoor running opportunities. It’s driving me crazy! BUT enough whining, glass half full- I’m lucky enough to have a treadmill, so shut up you big baby.

And this is the last time you’ll have to hear me say this…Today is your last chance to enter my Road ID giveaway! The winner will be announced on Friday! Best of luck!

Anyone have a holiday party coming up? Or did you already have yours?

Do you ask your significant other for their opinion on a fancy outfit? Or do you prefer to surprise them? I like to surprise Kyle πŸ™‚

How often are you able to run outdoors right now?

Thanks again for your help!


21 thoughts on “Help! I need somebody!

        1. Yeah I think I’m going to have to. I used to do it in the spring, so hopefully I’ll get back to runching. The only problem is that it takes a while for me to get ready afterwards, so the max I can run is 4 miles (unless I get super fast)

  1. I picked dress no. 3. It is very elegant. Have your mom hem it up 2-3 inches above your knee and it will look elegant, sexy and flirty.

    Save dress no 1 for another occasion, a nite out with your beau! I’m sure he would love that. Or for a cocktail party with friends. Since you said that this dress is not something you normally wear and it makes you feel self-conscious, you don’t want to be feeling this way at a party with people you work with.

    You’ll look beautiful no matter what and Kyle will be impressed regardless! Have fun!

  2. I actually like the sparkly dress but would like to see it without the sweater. I agree with Auntie Tenny that if you aren’t comfy in #1 I’d pass on it. I’d vote for 2 or 3. I’ve known Kyle for 24 years, he’s going to be impressed by you even if you wear workout clothes.

  3. I voted white. You’ll stand out when everyone else is in black πŸ˜‰ Kyle is a lucky guy!
    I don’t ask for Ryan’s opinions because he’s a typical guy. Although he commented on a pair of shoes while we were at a wedding – “Those shoes with the red soles are cool. Why don’t you get a pair like that?” His jaw hit the ground when I told him they were $675 shoes. Surrrrrrre buddy. Buy me a pair πŸ™‚

  4. I think white if altered or the sparkly one, I love sequins! I’m sure the boy will love any on you though, you look great πŸ™‚

  5. 1. you’re adorable and you can entirely rock that tight dress.
    2. glad we share a hatred for treadmills.
    3. i had my work parties and i dressed down for them — as in, changed at work into chambray shirts. a girl has to wear what she likes. πŸ™‚

  6. All good options, but I voted for #3. Did you try sweater #1 with dress #2?
    I haven’t been running a whole lot, but I don’t mind being outside in the dark (headlamp!) as long as it’s not icy.

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