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Meet Chester. And I like Dutch Mules.

So I know that I already gave you a birthday recap, but since my birthday was basically celebrated all weekend, here’s what you missed!


birthday cookbook
My mom is trying to fatten me up…or knows what I need when I’m PMSing

Woooo! Running books! For some reason everyone thinks I’m into running. No clue where they got that idea…

running books running books

But seriously, I cannot wait until our Christmas vacation. There will be a permanent ass print in my couch from all the TV watching and book reading.

Saturday after the 5K Ugly Sweater Dash, I went Christmas tree hunting with Kyle’s family. His sister was home from NY, so it was fun family time. She got us all these adorable hats.

hats christmas tree

Hey there. Will you be my friend?
Hey there. Will you be my friend?

Mine’s a yeti. I can never remember what Kyle’s is supposed to be, because I think it looks like an ewok.

She also got me this popover pan!! She read my mind because I really wanted one after watching Giada make some on TV.

popover pan birthday

I also have to introduce you to the newest member of my family, Chester.

chester penguin

Yes, his name is Chester. You wouldn’t think it’s weird if you knew that I named my potted Christmas tree, Milton. NOW you think I’m weird.

As you know, I got tickets to see Cirque du Soleil from Kyle!!

cirque du soleil

Let us in!!
Let us in!!

Front row baby! And no, you're not supposed to take photos in there.
[Instagram] Front row baby! And no, you’re not supposed to take photos in there.
Kyle spoils me. It was amazing. As are all cirque shows. Nothing like watching a cast of 30 with a combined body fat of 10% to make you feel inadequate. yeah, well…at least i can eat candy! ha. showed them…

After the show, we went over to the restaurant that Kyle’s brother works at (Mission Rock Resort). This is the second time we’ve been there- the first was with my high school friend.

As most of you know, I’m not a huge drinker. I’m a light weight and don’t like the taste of a lot of types of alcohol. Well kids, guess what? I found a drink that I do enjoy! Enter, the Dutch Mule (Nolet’s Gin, Cock n Bull Ginger Beer, lime, Fee Bros. bitters).


Dinner was amazing and we ate way too much. You already know that I forgot to take photos of my food, but I stole these from their website.

We both go the pan seared Dorado served on top of a crispy risotto cake.
We both got the pan seared Dorado served on top of a crispy risotto cake.

And they gave us a complimentary bread pudding for my birthday + a Marilyn Monroe version of Happy Birthday from my boyfriend and his brother. I-almost-peed-my-pants hysterical.

bread pudding

I have never tried bread pudding before, and honestly it has always sounded gross to me. Not this. I almost died it was so good. I actually wished I had skipped dinner and only eaten this and then I wouldn’t have shared with Kyle 😉

So, I would say, I had a pretty fan-freaking-tastic birthday! Do I really have to wait a whole year for the next one? Damn.


Sorry to sound like a broken record, but don’t forget to enter in my Road ID giveaway! Thursday is the last day!

Do you like bread pudding?

Have you read any of those books?

Do you name “weird” things?


23 thoughts on “Meet Chester. And I like Dutch Mules.

  1. What a super fun birthday weekend! Love the hats! They’re great. Chester is cute. BTW your ugly sweater wasn’t too bad but Kyles! That was a winner. Haha. What a good sport! I love bread pudding especially from the former Holly Street restaurant in Pasadena. They served it with ice cream and tons of fresh berries. Yum!
    I love cirque du soleil too! Always an awesome performance! Good times!

  2. I LOVE bread pudding (my favorite dessert). Also, love the Dutch Mule (tried it in Vegas… had two of those babies and was buzzin’ for a long time, hahaha).
    BTW, I saw that you won another giveaway on skinnychickblog. Girl, you’re so lucky!!

  3. Don’t worry, we already thought you were weird.
    I haven’t read any of those books but I want to read Born to Run and Chi Running. Someday.
    I have a teddy bear that was given to me as a kid. He had a ribbon around his neck. I asked what it said. “Super Price.” was the answer. I thought that was his name. It didn’t click with me until I was a senior in High School what his name actually meant. Hahaha, good ole Super Price.

  4. Bread pudding is delicious! Yum! I have read the book Eat and Run, and I thought it was really interesting. I cannot wait to hear your reviews of the other books!

  5. I’ve named my plants before. It was always confusing to my mom when I’d say “I killed Herman!” but now I think she’s onto me. So it’s not weird to name your tree. Unless it is and we’re just two solo weirdo’s who found each other (then yay! and screw everyone else). Your birthday looks fantastic. Kyle and his brother sound like Ryan and his brothers. I kind of have no doubt that our goofballs would be best friends (Step Brothers style) within minutes of meeting. Love the Marilyn Monroe tribute… hope he wore the iconic white dress over a vent! Hahahaha. Oh the visual…

    1. HAHAHA or she’s just scared of you…We may possibly be a couple of weirdos, but I’m okay with that.

      LOL I was thinking the same thing! I’m sure if all the men met, it would be a total, “If you were a chick who’s the one guy you’d sleep with?”-“John Stamos” moment hahaha. Oh if they wore dressed I WOULD have peed my pants. PAHAHAHA. Hey, my guy’s got nice legs. It wouldn’t be so bad…No, I take that back. I’d prefer it if he didn’t wear dresses.

  6. I’ve never read any of those books however my husband has 4 of those books…so maybe I should jump on board and start reading those. I named my car Murphy…not sure why, but I did!
    Looks like you had a awesome birthday!

  7. Oh my gosh, Born to Run will change your life! Prepare to be motivated!

    I was the exact same way about bread pudding until a year ago when my aunt ordered it and it knocked my socks off!
    I.Love.Your. hats! I got my mom a monkey one like that last year, but those take the cake!

    1. LOL I sure hope I like the book because I’m gonna have a lot of haters if I don’t 😉

      I KNOW RIGHT? I always thought it sounded yucky. I like bread. I like vanilla pudding. But I didn’t want them together. Until that beautiful dish.

      Haha awww a monkey sounds adorable! Thank you!

  8. Glad you had so much fun on your bday! I haven’t read any of those books so please review them! Also, a weird thing about me- I give genders to things, like my blogs a girl haha that’s so weird

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