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5K Ugly Sweater Dash

Today was my very first ugly sweater run! I somehow convinced Kyle to run with me, using the “do it for my birthday” excuse.


I woke up around 7:20 AM to get ready for our departure at 8:15 AM. I discovered that my cat thinks D-tags are stupid. Or delicious.

mizuno shoe d-tag

FYI this was the D-tag from my Berkeley half, not this race. But this was good to know. Note to self: do NOT put your D-tag on your shoe the night before a race, or you will find it in kitty poop, 2-4 days later.

We arrived at the race location around 8:40AM. I think my half marathon mentality took over my decision making. We could have arrived 15 minutes before the race started and we would have been fine…

So we killed time by taking pictures with Santa.

5K ugly sweater dash

It was pretty darn cold in the morning, especially with the wind. So after pictures, we went back to Kyle’s car to warm up. And before we knew it, it was time to get to the starting line.

ugly sweater 5K

Kyle was pleased by the crowd. He was afraid we’d be 2 of 20 people at this race haha.

We made our way towards the front, and then it was time to run! We took off and I was surprised that we were at the front of the pack.

ugly sweater 5k
Making our way towards the front of the pack…blindly apparently.

We stayed in the top 15 throughout the whole race. Keep in mind, this wasn’t a “race.” We didn’t even have chips or clocked times. But it’s fun to pretend you’re super fast.

Kyle hated the whole thing I think. He was such a good sport, running it with me even though he hates running. We ran it in 26:33. Nothing impressive. I was pleased though because it felt super easy. When it finished, I was like, “Wait that’s it? I was just getting warmed up!” #progress

The race started at 10 AM. We were in our car and on the road by 10:28 AM. Tiny race, but it really got me excited for the holidays. Not like I wasn’t already…

Next year I will definitely up my ugly sweater game. I texted the photo of my sweater to my little cousins. They had a race the same morning and wanted me to run with them (I was asked after I had already committed to the ugly sweater dash). I was told, “That’s not ugly.” The good thing about kids is their honesty. So clearly I wasn’t ugly enough. Next year!


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Road ID

How was your Saturday? I know a few of you were doing ugly sweater runs. How’d it go?

Do you tend to treat small races like half marathons (e.g. get there super early, hydrate really well, hit the porta-potties super early to only discover there will never be a long line, etc.)? I found out that I do…


35 thoughts on “5K Ugly Sweater Dash

  1. I have a race next sunday that will be my first costume race and run just for fun. I’m going to try to not make it about racing and more about time running with friends. I am pretty sure that will be easy since there are 7400 people signed up for a 5K race, it might be a lot of walking! Glad you enjoyed your run and congrats on getting out there hey and top 15 is great even for a fun run!

  2. Love that you ran it together. My husband would have taken off on me!
    I did my first Santa Run today – 5k. It was great, so relaxed and easy-going. No mile markers, no timers, no water station 1/2 way…and I loved it.

  3. You looked so cute! I’m glad y’all had fun and I can definitely sympathize with hanging out in your car until the last minute on those cold race mornings, they suck!

  4. In your car 2 minutes after the race? No fun post race celebrating? Come on!
    As for me, if I sign up for a race, there’s a 99% chance that I’m going to race it. Hard for me to take it easy during a race.

    1. LOL I know…I’m lame. BUT there was literally nothing going on! They were going to have an eggnog chugging contest, but TWO hours later!

      I definitely know what you mean- it’s really hard to NOT race (even though I’m not fast). I’ve always lived by the go big or go home philosophy, so shutting off the race aspect is hard.

  5. LOVE the sweater haha. And what a sweetie you married! That’s so awesome he ran it with you. My husband doesn’t like running either, but he once ran a half marathon with me. It meant so much! πŸ™‚

  6. Hold the phone. You guys are way too cute for this race. Those sweaters aren’t even bad!! I mean, I wouldn’t wear them in public, but it could be A LOT worse πŸ™‚ What a great idea for a race, especially with the cooler temps. Awesome job gettin’ this done (and getting Kyle out there too!). How’d your back feel? Are you back in action or taking it easy??

    1. HAHAHA thanks. I’ve been told the same thing by everyone…My aunt showed the photo to my little cousins and they didn’t really get it and said those aren’t ugly. Next year I clearly need to up the ugliness factor. My back felt great!! So I think I’m ready to get back to training!

  7. I have become a serial “5k-er” and do pretty much every race that is in our area. (we live in a smaller town) I used to arrive super early and do all sorts of race prep but now I have my routine down pretty well. I usually just go for the fun of it and feel more relaxed than I used. I arrive late”ish” if it’s cold, race and then head home.

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