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Road ID Giveaway!!! [Closed]

I’ve been toying with the idea of a giveaway ever since Skinny Chick Blog announced her 12 days of giveaways! So in the spirit of the holiday season, I give you…free stuff.

I purchased a Road ID bracelet when I first started running. It’s a great item to have for you runners, cyclists, accident-prone people, etc.

Road ID

Unfortunately, accidents do happen. Driver’s licenses can be hard to find if you’re stashing them away in pockets. In emergencies, the faster you and your medical information are identified, the better. No awkward strangers checking your secret pelvic shorts pocket here.

I wear mine on all of my runs, Kyle wears his when he cycles, my mom wears hers when she walks the dog, and my little cousins even have some! I think it’s comfortable and I never notice it once it’s on.

sj rnr
Can you see mine (it’s black)?

For the Wrist ID Slim, you can put up to 5 lines of text – I put name and birth year, 3 emergency contacts, and known allergies.

So here’s your chance! One lucky winner will be randomly selected to win a free Road ID-Wrist ID Slim bracelet (size and color of your choice).

Click on the link below and follow the instructions to enter my giveaway!


Road ID is not paying me for this giveaway. All opinions are my own. This is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only, I apologize! The giveaway will close at midnight on Thursday, 12/12/13 and the winner will be announced that Friday.

Good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor. #hungergamesdork


48 thoughts on “Road ID Giveaway!!! [Closed]

  1. So nice of you to do this giveaway! I have two of the shoe versions of the Road ID and always wear them when I run. I’ve had way too many close calls with falls and cars to not run with an ID. Road ID is also based very near where I live and I like supporting a local business with a great product!

  2. I like the wrist band ID bracelet, definitely good to have when I’m out hiking! Very cool! I entered the raffle! Woo hoo!

  3. Is today your birthday??? HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you have something fun planned to celebrate all weekend. Because, yes, you get more than one day 🙂

    I bought a Road ID for my hubby a couple Christmases ago and totally failed at buying one for myself! I have no idea what my blood type is, so I keep putting it off. Such a stupid excuse, I know. It’s such a great idea and you are so sweet for hosting a giveaway. I’ll throw my hat in the ring, why not?! Also, I’m a huge Hunger Games dork too… my personal favorite response is “I volunteer as tribute!!!”

    1. Gawww thanks girly! I have dinner plans tonight, a 5K ugly sweater run and I used my birthday to get my boyfriend to do it with me (so that counts right?), and then he also planned something for Sunday. So yes, I’d say it’s a birthday weekend 😉

      LOL that is a silly excuse but I’ve totally done stuff like that. Yay! Thanks for signing up! Best of luck in the giveaway!

      LOL LOVE the Hunger Games! I’m a volunteer at work for out first aid/search and rescue team, and I should have yelled that when I signed up…or not…

      1. I’m so behind, but sounds like a FAB birthday! Kyle’s such a trooper for running with you… even if you did have to use the birthday to con him into it, haha. I’m donating blood with the red cross as soon as I can. I think they’ll tell me my blood type and then I’ll have no more excuses 🙂

  4. Fun!!!
    I wear reflect gear. Running jacket and arm (sometimes) leg reflective strips (not sure if that’s the right terminology). I even put them on my stroller for those days when I might be out walking/running with the little one.

  5. Would love to win this giveaway! To stay safe, I wear a headlamp and reflective gear when running in the dark. I run with a group when it is dark and at night. I do not listen to music when I run outside so that I am aware of traffic and other people.

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