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Thanksgiving #3 (of 3) Recap. And Christmas Tree Cutting.

And the day you’ve all been waiting for…my last Thanksgiving recap for 2013.

Saturday was my Thanksgiving with Kyle’s family. They celebrated on Thursday with Kyle’s dad’s side of the family, so Saturday was with his mom’s side.

Dinner was amazing as usual. I realized that I didn’t take any photos that night, but I stole this from Kyle’s Aunt.

Thanksgiving Turkey

The turkey that Kyle’s dad BBQ’s. It was probably the best turkey I’ve had. Usually white meat (I don’t like dark meat) is dry (at least mine always is), but this was moist and flavorful.

The night was filled with food, love, watching Kanye and Kim’s ridiculous music video, watching James Franco and Seth Rogen’s much better version, playing pool, and ending with cuddling on the couch with my buddy.

On Sunday, I went shopping with my mom and sister to hit the sales and look for Christmas presents. I got this cute Kate Spade bag thing for my friend

kate spade bag

Afterwards, we went to cut down our Christmas tree!!

christmas tree
She told me to move closer to the tree (FYI not the one we chose)

christmas treechristmas tree

christmas tree
Getting ready to cut her down
christmas tree
Don’t let any spiders touch me!
Yayyy we did it
Yayyy we did it

And I had to throw this one in there because it looks like we’re shoving the tree through the side door.

christmas tree

Did you get your Christmas tree yet?

Fake tree, real tree, pre-cut, or cut yourself. What’s your preference?


27 thoughts on “Thanksgiving #3 (of 3) Recap. And Christmas Tree Cutting.

  1. Looks like a fun tradition, but I have a couple concerns. 1.) Is what you’re doing legal? and 2.) Is it very safe to have a wobbly piggy back ride while swinging a saw blade around? Hmmm?

    1. LOL 1) Yes, it’s essentially a tree farm where they have a bunch of different lots that you can cut down trees and they replant them each year/let them grow again.Not the forest or anything haha. 2) Yes, I only cut him like 4, 5 times tops πŸ˜‰ Actually I had your same concern but Kyle wanted it in the picture and apparently has way more faith in me than I do…

  2. Looks like fun!
    I haven’t had a Christmas tree in years. I am pretty sure my cat would terrorize it and my dog is scared of everything so she would be terrified of a giant tree haha

  3. We used to always get ours the day after Thansgiving but . . . the clinic had other plans for me. Fingers crossed for this weekend and maybe a trip to Santa Cruz!

  4. I love real trees but my family made the switch the fake last year and I have two fake ones in my house as well. Also, I love Seth Rogan and James Franco’s version so much more πŸ™‚

  5. Real tree, real tree, real tree! (I have very strong feeling about this if you can’t tell haha)

    That is so fun you got to cut your own tree! I was hoping we would be able to at Thanksgiving this year, but no such luck. I cannot wait to go get mine this weekend! I feel almost sad I don’t have mine yet haha

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