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Getting back to the Fitness and (possibly) less Frosting. Oh and some deals.

I haven’t given y’all a fitness update since my Berkeley Half! This is, in fact, FITNESS meets Frosting. Woops, bad blogger.

Since I really injured my back, I’ve been keeping it low key. So low key that I haven’t actually exercised since 11/24. Wow, that makes me sad. I mean in all fairness, I couldn’t walk the day after my half and I was walking like a 90 year old the days following.

berkeley half marathon

By now I can tell when my back is NOT ready for running. It took a few years, but I finally recognize the signs. #slowlearner

I have an Ugly Sweater 5K this Saturday (which I’m super excited for), so I decided that I will hold off on the running until then. This “race” is just for fun, so I don’t really need to run this week, giving my back some more time to heal.

Instead of running, I’m going to incorporate more strength training into my routine. Actually, since I’m not currently training for a half, I will be doing more strength training, period. I haven’t drawn up a schedule yet, but I think it will consist of 4 days running, 2 days strength.

Today will be my Jillian Michaels, No More Trouble Zones DVD.

jillian michaels dvd

I used this a lot in college when I was short on time or didn’t feel like going to the gym. I like it cause you can really modify the exercises based on your level.

My prediction for tomorrow- I will be sore because I am probably out of shape.

And some more fitness related news: Cyber Monday deals for runners!

PROCompression has their adorable sock of the month that I really want! How cute would that be for a holiday race? Enter SNOW at checkout for 40% off and free shipping.


Another one of my favorite things, NUUN!! This offer ends today, but you can get a 4-pack of Nuun for $20 with free shipping. I bought mine last night and I’m already dehydrating myself in anticipation of receiving this package.


Nuun is great for getting those electrolytes back into your sweaty little bodies without adding a bunch of calories. And if you’re like me and hate the artificial sweetener taste, Nuun’s your jam. Sugar-free jam, that is.

Anyone doing a holiday race/run?

What’s your favorite method of (re)hydration before/during/after a run?

Did you buy anything for Cyber Monday yet? Yes πŸ™‚


22 thoughts on “Getting back to the Fitness and (possibly) less Frosting. Oh and some deals.

  1. Twin your poor back! 😦 I’m worried about you, but I LOVE that you are incorporating the strength training in — I can only imagine done correctly that will be SO good for your back! I still can’t believe you finished that darn half in the condition you were in!

  2. Awww girl I am so sorry about your back! That is certainly nothing to mess around with, I hope you start feeling better soon!

    Speaking of Ugly Christmas Sweaters I am putting on a Tack Christmas Sweater contest at work tomorrow, whoop whoop!\
    Those compression socks are too cute.

    1. Aww thank you, you’re too sweet! I’m feeling wayyyy better than before, so I’m happy πŸ™‚

      WHAT?! That sounds awesome! I wish we did that!! Haha I know, I want the socks but I resisted and bought a pair for my friend instead.

  3. i’m thinking about doing a resolution run with the girls and my husband if he is home (we’ll see though). sorry to hear your back is still giving you trouble – take care of yourself.
    Love the compression socks πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry about your back. I’ve got a back injury right now and can’t run, so I know how much that sucks. I didn’t get in an accident though, so mine probably isn’t as serious as yours. Have you tried Bikram yoga and going to a chiropractor? I’m sure you have a solid plan to deal, but that’s what’s working for me. Hope you are healed in time to run this weekend!!

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