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Gettin’ to know my ABC’s

No, not the alphabet. I had that refresher course last week.

I’m talkin’ about my ABC goals for my (Berkeley) half marathon tomorrow.

I’ve read about ABC goals since I decided to train for a half marathon at the beginning of this year. However, for some reason I never set them for my first half marathon…weirdo.

sj rnr

For those of you who are unfamiliar with ABC goals, essentially you’re creating goals for yourself for different scenarios.

  • A- Best case, or “Ultimate Goal”. Your legs feel fresh, you don’t poop your pants, no chafing, and Ryan Gosling is at the finish line waiting for you.

  • B- Race Day Goal. A more realistic goal, based on your training, how you feel that day, and race conditions (weather, course, etc.).
  • C- The almost guaranteed goal. You sh*t your pants, lost a contact lens, fell asleep during mile 6, and ran into a mile marker, but you still crossed the finish line. Okay, not that dramatic, but think your easy jogging pace and those days where time wasn’t important.

Since we all know that I know nothing about nothing, check out RunEatRepeat if you want to learn more about your ABC’s. She’s kind of amazing and my secret BFF (aka she doesn’t even know who I am but I’ll pretend we’re BFFs anyways) <–hmm I seem to have a lot of those. creeper.

I think by now, y’all know that my goal is to run my half marathon in under 2 hours (9:09 pace). But I also played around with my fave pace chart and a pace calculator just so I could be in the land with unicorns and cotton candy clouds. Sooo here are my ABC goals for the Berkeley Half Marathon!

  • A- 1:57:07 (8:56 pace). This would take an incredible amount of pushing, a few miracles, and Kyle standing at the finish line with a bag of candy the size of my head (babe, please don’t do that). I ran 7 miles at this exact pace, but I don’t think that I could hold it for almost double the distance…not yet at least 😉
  • B- 1:59:57 (9:09 pace). This is what I have been training for. I ran 10 miles, 1 second faster than this pace. I think I got this. No, I know I got this.
  • C- 2:09:51. This was the time I got for my first half marathon. I ran this with bad ankle pain that started at mile 6. I’m fairly confident that I could do it again.

So there ya have it! My ABCs!

It sounds like I might have a pacer tomorrow, the awesome Michelle of Blessed With Thunder Thighs. She’s a super fast runner and majorly PR’ed last month (actually in the SJ RNR Half that I ran in lol). We planned on meeting up before hand, and she GENEROUSLY offered to pace me. Super sweet of her right? Definitely boosting my confidence 🙂

Anyways, I can’t wait to let you guys know how it goes!

Do you make ABC goals? What are they?

Is anyone else racing in the Berkeley Half Marathon tomorrow? Or will you be there? Let me know and let’s meet up 🙂

Is anyone racing tomorrow? GOOD LUCK!


32 thoughts on “Gettin’ to know my ABC’s

  1. Remember, race day is different that a training run. You can’t help but push yourself in a race. When I first started getting into running these distances, I wanted to break 1:50…and I did – by more than 2 minutes! Sure, I felt like I was going to puke the whole time, but now I can run that pace without the pukey feeling. So go get em and good luck!
    Oh, and don’t poop your pants.

  2. Yey, Yey, Yey! Good luck, I know you did fabulous and I cannot wait to rad about your race!

    Oh and I am a HUGE fan of ABC goals!

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