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HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY to my wittle sister…oh and a boring running update


Workin' the crop top before it was cool
Workin’ the crop top before it was cool
annie baby
Thanks for stealing my toothpaste and chillin in my sink
My buddy
My buddy
Annie before Senior Ball
Annie before Senior Ball

We’re so proud of you for gettin’ all smart and learning that toothpaste should not be eaten.

annie graduation


wedding annie and me

All grown up now


Have a happy birthday and I can’t wait for you to get home for Thanksgiving. Love you! Oh and check yo mail fool.


And on to my boring running update.

This week was taper week. AKA the week when runners break down and act like little babies.

  • Monday– stretch and strength training
  • Tuesday– 35 min tempo run
  • Wednesday– 2 miles
treadmill run
  • Thursday2 miles 1 mileΒ (Yesterday, unfortunately, my knee started to hurt a little after 1 mile. LAME. But I decided to be smart and stop running. 1 more mile after all my training won’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things.)

And that’s it until Sunday! The day of the big race (Berkeley Half Marathon)!

berkeley half

If any of you will be out there, we should meet up!

Do you have a baby picture with you in a bathroom sink doing something you shouldn’t be doing? I’m fairly certain we all do.

Do you go cray cray during your tapering? Don’t lie…


20 thoughts on “HAPPY 20TH BIRTHDAY to my wittle sister…oh and a boring running update

  1. Oh, I got into all kinds of trouble! What’s funny is the other day I caught our 1.5 year old eating toothpaste. Is that an Asian thing (she’s half)?
    Good luck on your race! I hope your knee was a one time thing. And yes, missing a mile won’t hurt you at all!

  2. Nice tribute to your wittle sister! Thanks for pulling out the old photo album and starting my day off right! Love to both of you and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Annie Bananie!

  3. Love the pictures! Sounds like you and your sister are as close as my sister and me. I love having a sister so close in age! Have a great race! I am sure you will do awesome!

  4. Whoop whoop, Happy Birthday to your sis!
    And good luck to you lady!!!! You are going to do just faboosh!

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