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Weekend Update

Sorry for being MIA on Sunday! I’ve had a super busy weekend and am feeling the stress from grad school applications. Here’s my weekend update:

Saturday I did my last longish run (until my half) of 7 miles. It was supposed to be an easy-ish run (not a pace run). I ran at an overall 9:20 pace, which I was actually quite pleased with. If you were to look at each individual mile’s pace, it would appear as though my legs were a bit indecisive. I kept forgetting to take the run easy so I would speed up, then slow down, and repeat. Think, zigzag pattern.

running gear legs

Kyle and I saw Thor 2 later that day, which I think we both thoroughly enjoyed. It was pretty awesome to see a movie for only $5 (for 2 people) because your company bought the theatre. But the one down side was that there was a bunch of loud kids and we couldn’t shush them because, well, I work with their parents. Lame. Oh and I also ate enough sour gummy worms to calorically keep an elephant alive for 5 days. #notevensorry

And I have to throw in a bonus kitty pic. When I came home on Saturday, Skyler really wanted me to pick her up and pet her while I was brushing my teeth. Yes, it is hard to brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush and take a photo.


Sunday I had an easy 3 mile run. I finally got my custom orthotics and got to try them out.


I didn’t want to try them out on my 7 mile run because I need to break them in. Still not sure if I will run with them on Sunday during my half…

The rest of my Sunday-day included application stuff and a nap. I couldn’t fall asleep on Saturday so I was up until 3 AM…

Later Sunday evening I went over to Kyle’s house. He was making Thai food from scratch (which I’m always down for) and invited me. So delicious. Ladies, man who can cook = winning.

thai food thai food

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. Cliff notes version- run, eat, sleep, repeat.

Happy Monday everyone. I know I’m already counting down the days till the weekend!

What’d you do this weekend?

Have you ever tried custom insoles?ย Like walking on clouds.


21 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Aww cute kitty!
    Yea I have custom orthotics too. You have to ease into wearing them. 1 hour the first day, 2 hours the second and etc. So I don’t know if you should run in them right off the bat.
    Oh Thor was awesome! I saw it last weekend and really enjoyed it!

  2. Couple things: That food all looks RIDICULOUS! Twin, I need your skill, or at least you to come cook me some homemade grub. That looks amazing.

    I am SO excited for your half . . . I know you are just going to KILL it. I am already preparing myself for you to set our twin PR and give myself something to aim for next race season ๐Ÿ˜‰

        1. YES! I feel stronger and like I CAN run at my goal pace this time. I’m also just super excited to be a part of the first race for the city, and to be running by my old school! Thanks so much for your support twin! It means so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Nice job on the long run! Now ya just get to cruise until the half ๐Ÿ™‚

    I have been scared to try orthotics, after I read Born to Run (OMG so good I am actually re-reading it right now) it scared me into the possibility it might mess up my stride. (Totally irrational lol)

    I really want to see Thor 2, but I suppose I should see the first one first haha!

    1. Aww thank you! Yess, I cannot wait for Sunday ๐Ÿ™‚

      I’ve heard about that book and have wanted to read it!! Haha that’s a good reason to be afraid to try them! But my problem is that I over-pronate so much that it really unaligns (IDK if that’s a word) my ankle. I’m hoping to try minimalist shoes at some point and then I won’t need custom insoles!

      Lol yesss you should see Thor (both of them)! Come on, Chris Hemsworth- you can’t really lose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I love sour gummy worms too!! (and every other candy)

    I tried custom orthotics once to try to fix a re-occuring achilles injury, but they gave me blisters and I gave up (you will probably have better luck!).

    Yuck, grad school apps! I remember how unpleasant that was.. good luck!

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