Europe Trip, Part 3: Barcelona

So I realized that I haven’t posted one of these trip recaps in a while. For my newer readers, this past January, Kyle and I backpacked around Europe (for the whole month). You can check out London and Paris in my travel section 🙂

After Paris, Kyle and I took the train to Barcelona, Spain.

barcelona europe tripBarcelona Europe trip

When we arrived, we were so happy to feel warmth. It was probably at least 10 degrees (F) warmer in Barcelona than it had been in London and Paris. Little did we know that we hadn’t experienced cold yet (Germany in the winter)

We planned to do a free walking tour the next day. Highly recommend these if you’re on a budget (and even if you are not). You walk around with a tour guide and they take you throughout the city, giving you some history and current facts/trends. You only pay for tip.

barcelona europe trip

After our tour, we went looking for good paella (vegetarian for me).

We did not find it...
We did not find it…
barcelona europe trip
Later that night- Casa Batlló

The next day was our 4 year anniversary. Here’s how you know you have a great guy: You’re backpacking through Europe and staying in a hostel, but you still wake up to breakfast in bed. It was a granny smith apple and a cup of tea, but I’ll never forget it 🙂

That day we had a big day planned! First stop was La Sagrada Família. Amazing. Inside and out. These pictures don’t do it justice.

La Sagrada Família
La Sagrada Família
barcelona europe trip
The ceiling (was trying to capture how enormous it is, but clearly I failed).

barcelona europe tripbarcelona europe trip

After La Sagrada Família, we made our way to Parc Güell; a park (designed by Gaudí) situated on top of a hill overlooking Barcelona.

barcelona europe trip barcelona europe trip

By that time, it was late afternoon and we wanted to get to the Olympic stadium for sunset. We accidentally went towards the University of Barcelona first, so we kind of had to run when we got off the train when we got off at the correct stop.

But we made it :)
But we made it 🙂

Amazing views and it was nice to have the place to ourselves. We think that tall pointy thing, that’s the architectural term, was where they held the torch?

barcelona europe trip barcelona europe trip

A great anniversary and a great way to end Barcelona!

What’s the best anniversary you’ve ever had with your significant other?

Ever been to Barcelona?


20 thoughts on “Europe Trip, Part 3: Barcelona

  1. So beautiful twin, seriously.
    The best anniversary Zach and I have had is probably our 1st anniversary in Switzerland. This post is inspiring me to write a post about it. Seriously the best week of my life, until the engagement and wedding of course. lol

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