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What I Wore Wednesday & What I Ate Wednesday

Hey kids! I’ve decided to start a What I Wore Wednesday (WIWW) tradition here on Fitness Meets Frosting!

WIWW with Fitness Meets Frosting

Join me! Feel free to use the image above, and link back to me so I can steal your outfit ideas see what y’all are wearin’!

Today was a typical work outfit day- jeans, boots, and a sweater. Nothin’ special.

sweater tj maxx

But my favorite outfit of the week was my coziest one:

My new sweatshirt from Banana Republic
My new sweatshirt from Banana Republic + leggings (not pictured)

And now I’m going to hop on the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) bandwagon. Now, you guys know that I’m bad at remembering to take photos of my food, but maybe this will help me to remember? Or you will end up reading a blank page…one of the two.

From Peas & Crayons
From Peas & Crayons

Dessert first. Because we all know that’s the most important meal of the day 😉

White Chocolate Raspberry, Red Velvet, and Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Their cream cheese frosting, made with 2 cups of cellulite, is dangerous. I’m glad I don’t work there because 95% of the frosting made would be in my belly…and subsequently in my hips and ass.

nothing bundt cakes

Favorite breakfast: Smoothie. This was actually supposed to be chia pudding, but I accidentally added wayyyy too much protein powder and it tasted like chalk. So I threw everything in the blender and added some kale and fruit. Enter, 2 delicious smoothies.


Favorite lunch: Chicken salad with a vinaigrette, and with basically everything delicious you could think of. Next time I would order the dressing on the side though.


Favorite dinner: It’s between the chicken kabobs

santorini greek food

and Pizza. Because, man, I was craving me some pizza.

pizza arugula

And for those of you who are participating in the 30 Day Thigh Challenge, how’s it goin?

I’ve discovered a problem with my participation in the challenge and could use some input. So my half marathon is on the 24th (what???). Next week begins the tapering, so I’m not sure how to proceed with my thigh challenge. I definitely do NOT want to go into my half with sore/tired legs. My idea was to rest from the thigh challenge on designated rest days (on my running schedule), and continue with the thigh challenge on non-rest days. OR I could just stop the thigh challenge next week, and do those workouts after my half. Penny for your thoughts.

What do you think I should do?

What was your favorite eat this week?


15 thoughts on “What I Wore Wednesday & What I Ate Wednesday

  1. I LOVE the new BR sweater twin! So freaking cute!
    And as far as the thigh challenge goes…I would say listen to your body. I know how important this race is for you, and strength training is GREAT for running, but it is hard work and pushes our legs in a different way. If you are already feeling more sore, than i’d pause it…or maybe totally pause it during taper. Hoping that the strength training that you had already done will help, but by pausing it you won’t further exhaust your legs. They’ll be fresh!

    1. Thanks for the awesome advice (as usual) twin! I think instead of being my usual control-freak-self, I’m going to play it by ear. I’m not feeling sore at all, but I know those thigh workouts are increasing rapidly. I desperately want to do well during this race, so I’m going to be extra cautious!

  2. I think your plan of continuing the challenge on your scheduled running days is good. But I wouldn’t do it if it’s too close to the race. I made the mistake of doing a hard leg workout 3 days before a half, and I was still so sore the day of the race. Def regretted it.
    My favorite eat this week was the fancy breakfast buffet I went to in the fancy San Antonio restaurant. I got an omlet garnished with cellulite.

    1. Thanks for the advice! That sounds like a good plan. I’m thinking of resting on rest days (unless it’s really close to the race and then I’ll still rest)

      Lol cellulite garnishes are the best type of garnishes.

    1. Thank you for the advice!! I’m leaning towards your idea, with maybe a TINY bit of leg stuff (not on rest days). You all gave me such great ideas, my next problem is deciding what to do with what you all have suggested haha!

  3. I like the WIWW idea…might have to jump on board next week – pending what I am wearing 😉

    I would put more focus on the race … the thigh challenge will always be there.

    1. Join in!! Don’t worry about what you’re wearing, that’s the fun! Some days I might look like a hobo 🙂

      And thank you for the advice. I think I needed to hear that. Thigh challenges are easy to move around, and getting a PR is more important to me.

      1. I’ve already drafted a post for next week 🙂

        I would totally agree that your PR is more important. There is nothing worse then messing with your run when it’s so close. Good luck!

  4. Glad to see a fellow icing lover (though cake lovers make the best friends because you can steal their icing :))

    Ummmm can you say jealous of your work dress code! Sometimes I like dressing professionally, sometimes the high is 40 degrees and I want to wear a giant snuggie (like today) haha

    1. Hahaha I like the way you think!

      Lol I didn’t wear the BR sweatshirt to work. Although I could if I wanted to as long as I wore jeans (not leggings), so yes, I am pretty lucky. I work in a lab so they don’t really care as long as my legs and feet are covered haha. LOL I always wanted to have to dress up for work, but now I’m rethinking that. You should just leave a snuggie at your desk and when important people walk by, throw that shit outa there!

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