Birthdays · Weekend Update

I’m a real grown up now…

…until I just referred to myself as a “grown up.” Let me essplain.

Sunday morning I woke up and did NOT want to run. what else is new? As I laid in bed, I kept coming up with reasons not to run or what time I could move the run to.

I definitely wore my compression socks to bed #iam80
I definitely wore my compression socks to bed #iam80

I told myself I would run later in the evening, after a birthday celebration for 2 of my friends. yeah right, like I would want to run 4 miles after a day of food, wine, and cake…

I got out of bed, moved around a bit, and finally talked myself into running.

running clothes procompression socks

So glad I did.Β It was only a 4 mile shake-out jog. I got a couple of TV shows deleted off of the DVR AND got my workout in. #winning

After my run, I showered and got rid of my B.O. stench so I could meet up with some girlfriends without hate-stares.

2 of my friends, S and P, from work had their birthdays in late October. Unfortunately, due to crazy schedules, the only time we all could meet up was on Sunday. Better late than never!

My friend SK and I planned a semi-surprise day of fun for them. We all agreed to meet up in Pleasanton, and then I would drive from there. That’s all S and P knew πŸ™‚ I really like other peoples’ birthdays.

SK and I took the birthday girls to a Thai lunch. We feasted on delicious food, but I told them don’t eat so much that you have to unbutton your pants, cause we got dessert comin’.

I then drove everyone to…

Wente Vineyards!
Wente Vineyards!

I found out that there are actually 2 different tasting rooms for Wente Vineyards- The Estates and Vineyard Tasting Rooms. We went to the Estates.

In the tasting room
Source: In the tasting room

They offered 2 different flights. 2 of us tried the Legacy, and 2 tried the Harvest

wente vineyards

Guess what guys?! I’m a real grown up now! I tried 5 wines and actually ENJOYED them! I’m freaking sophisticated yo. Oh andΒ I also discovered that I enjoy white wine.

P.S. I’m kind of a major lightweight so I only drank all of 2 of the tastes. The other 3 I just took a sip and let the other girls finish <–I think I just got a lot of invites to wine tastings πŸ˜‰

S, me, P, and SK
S, me, P, and SK

After drinking our adult grape juice, we made our way to their patio area for surprise cake.

I had picked up a few bundlets from Nothing Bundt Cakes and threw them in a cooler in my trunk.

nothing bundt cakes
Front to back: white chocolate raspberry, red velvet, and chocolate chocolate chip

We enjoyed our cake and chatted until closing. They were literally taking the patio furniture cushions away when we left. I bet you they normally keep the cushions out and just wanted to hint at us to get out.

Our original plan was to take the girls shopping after the wine tasting, but we took so long being chatty Kathy’s that we didn’t have time!

After my awesome girls’ day, I headed home for dinner and then stopped off at Kyle’s house for some snuggle time with my BFBFF (boyfriendbestfriendforever).

It was a great ending to the weekend…but too bad it was just that. An end to the weekend. I woke up on Monday and wanted to throw my alarm clock into a garbage disposal.

Are you a red, white, or both person?

Do you sleep in compression gear? Duh, it’s amazeballs.


33 thoughts on “I’m a real grown up now…

  1. I generally prefer white because it is a bit milder. I don’t do well with alcohol that is too strong πŸ™‚ as I don’t like the taste lol.
    Last time I went wine tasting I tried a pinot grigio i really like it. I have a bottle of it now that I am saving for xmas dinner.

  2. I tend to drink white in he summer and red in the winter. I live in Ohio but I’ve actually been to Wente! I did a tasting and had dinner at the restaurant which was absolutely amazing. Looks like you had a really fun afternoon!

  3. I love Sunday Funday! I was first really introduced to it in Ireland one time. It was Sunday night. The last night of our trip and my Irish lass friend took me to a pub. It. Was. Packed. Live band and all! I got to talking to some of the locals and I said, “This is mental (trying to fit in with their lingo)! In the States you would never see a happening scene like this on a Sunday night.” Their response was priceless:
    “We like to end the weekend the way we started it.”

  4. What a fun Sunday! And the bundlets are cute!
    I prefer white. Reds sometimes makes my sinus stuffy. But! If you want to try something really yummy, try the Framboise Lambic (google it) from Belgium. It is a raspberry beer that does not have the beer taste. (I don’t like beer) It’s more of a intensely flavored raspberry wine cooler with carbonation. It has a low ABV for lightweights like me. When they serve it at a pub they serve in a champagne fluted glass, nice, and it has a beautiful red color. Yum! TJ’s sells it.

    BTW, the 30 day thigh challenge is getting tough! I feel it!

  5. I drink whatever they pour. Kidding (sort of) White in summer, Red in winter. I’ve been known to put an ice cube in my red in the summer . . . this makes Randy come out of his skin. Winemakers can be so fussy sometimes.

  6. I sleep in my compression socks far more often than I’d care to admit as a married lady…man Zach is a lucky guy ;). But what can I say, I am all about recovery.
    PS: Twin you are freakin adorable! I wish I could wear my hair in a ponytail and look half as cute as yours! Love it!

    1. Lol Zach IS lucky! And gaww thanks twin, you’re too kind! I have a secret: To get my hair in a bun like that, there’s actually 3 hidden clips inside of it lol. I have too much hair and without that extra support, I get a headache. #dork

        1. Haha yeah I’m still doing it but I realized it was poor timing on my part. I have a half marathon on the 24th, so next week is my taper week. I’m not sure what to do about the thigh challenge, because I definitely don’t want to go into my half with sore/tired legs! I was thinking of resting (from the thigh challenge) on rest days (on my running schedule). Any suggestions? Are you still doing it? πŸ™‚

          1. Good question….resting on your non-run days would be a good idea or putting off the challenge until you finish your 1/2. You could always scale down the workout to 1/2 the numbers and then increase it after your 1/2 marathon?
            I’m doing 1/2 of the set in the morning and the other 1/2 of the set in the afternoon/evening…. it’s WAY too much to do all at once.

  7. I never liked wine until I studied abroad in Italy. When the wine is cheaper than water, it helps you come around to it πŸ™‚

    What a fun day! I love, love, love other people’s birthdays, I have the best time helping them celebrate πŸ™‚

    Heck yeah to you for getting your run in despite it being the last thing on earth you wanted to do (story of my life haha) If you’re anything like me it ended up being the best decision ever!

    1. Haha OMG I know! When I went to Europe, my boyfriend and I were like, these Europeans must go crazy when they come to the US and can drink water for free!

      Aww thank you!! And yes, I am like you, I was so happy I completed the run! The first step is the hardest πŸ™‚

  8. Pinot Noir is my choice for red, and Chardonnay is my choice for white. It depends on what I’m eating though. I usually choose red to sip on. It sounds like you had a great time with your friends though!

  9. Have you tried Entwine? It is a wine made by Wente Vineyards and the Food Network! It is really delicious and I just wrote a post about it earlier today. You should try it if you like Wente wines! Enjoy!

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