Veterans Day

veterans day

I think Veterans Day is something I appreciate more and more with age. When we were younger, we were told to be thankful for our freedom and appreciate those who sacrificed so much for us. But I think it’s a difficult concept for kids to understand. At least it was for me.

I have family members who are veterans. Which is still a weird concept for me. He’s still the funny Grandpa who sings, “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter.” Who won’t sit on leather because he says that it makes him perspire. Or the other Grandpa who always falls asleep at family get-togethers with his mouth open. Who is in his 80’s but recently bowled a 280-something.

It’s a weird thing for me to imagine- both of them in the army.

Happy Veterans Day. Thanks to ALL who have served our country. Who dedicated their lives to protecting people they didn’t know. Who were selfless so that we could be free. Who were courageous so that I wouldn’t have to be.

We thank you.


9 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Very nice post and I agree too.
    I will get you photos of your grandpa’s in uniform for next year. That would be a great tribute!

  2. I am glad you girls have these memories of your grandpa singing all those silly songs to you!!! The boys will have not those fun memories unfortunately…Cherrish them as your mom and I do now…

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