Bagel thief and a good 10 mile run…well, sort of

Saturday was a long run day. My long runs are actually scheduled for Sunday, with a short run on Saturday, but I decided to flip flop it because I found it incredibly hard to motivate myself to run for a long time on Sundays. Not sure why.

I woke up feeling dehydrated so I chugged some water about an hour before my departure time. Need to buy more Nuun


This run was supposed to just be a long run (10 miles). No speed work, tempo, etc. I decided to be a masochist rebel and do a pace run (run at my goal half marathon pace (9:09 pace)).

I got started and didn’t think it would work out. My legs just felt stiff and tired. Oh well, I’d try my best.

Around mile 5 my stomach started hurting. Bad. Like, move over cause I’m gonna blow chunks bad. I even had to stop around mile 6. I hate stopping.

I kept chugging along, stomach aches and all. I barely drank water because I was afraid it would make me puke. Not my wisest decision. Also forgot to eat a gel. I don’t think I needed it, but I also forgot that I had one. Probably best that I didn’t eat it anyways, as it most likely would have came shooting out of one of my ends. TMI?

I finished my run at Alamo Plaza, where I meet Kyle to get our Saturday bagels. I stopped my watch and didn’t even look at it. I just wanted to sit down.

We walked up to the bagel shop and Kyle asked me what my pace was. I told him I didn’t know, and he got all excited and kept telling me to check.


My pace: 9:08


wtf modern family

Not going to lie, I was pretty freaking happy.


Lesson learned here kids: pizza is not good pre-race food for me.

Delicious cheese pizza with fresh arugula on top
Hello you delicious SOB

Anyways, after my run was, of course, bagels with Kyle.

Skyler really wanted some…but I’m a mean mommy and wouldn’t let her eat any (her words, not mine).

skyler skyler

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m off to jog  my 4 miles and then to a birthday celebration with some girlfriends 🙂

Any pre-race/run foods you cannot eat?
Do your pets try to steal your food? See picture above…oh and this same cat has been known to get her head stuck in cups because she wants your water or milk.


14 thoughts on “Bagel thief and a good 10 mile run…well, sort of

  1. Wohoo! Congrats on your run and your pace, that’s fabulous!

    I DO NOT eat on the run. I just don’t do it. When it comes to running, I don’t have the strongest stomach. All ya can really do is live and learn sometimes!

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