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Foot surgeon visit and 30 day thigh challenge

So you know how I’ve been having ankle problems since my half marathon? Yeah, well I finally used smart-Amy (the lesser-known, smarter half of myself) and saw a doctor.

My dad’s really good friend is one of the top foot surgeons in the country, so I kind of don’t have an excuse. Right?

I was unable to run on Wednesday because my ankle was bothering me (well plus, I was too busy making these)

halloween cookies witch's fingers halloween cookies witch's fingers

and I finally said, enough is enough.

I tried to capture how high this chair went, but I was unsuccessful. It was at least 4 feet up
I tried to capture how high this chair went, but I was unsuccessful. It was at least 4 feet up

After a couple x-rays and a foot exam, my ankle is fine!! I over-pronate when I walk/run, and he said I probably aggravated it during my half. I was cleared to run and they casted molds of my feet to make some orthotics.

So, when I got home, I hopped on my treadmill for some speed work.

running shoes
Obligatory runner blog photo of shoes and running gear, cause you know if you don’t see these, the person doesn’t run…

I wanted to do 6x400m repeats (aka 6×0.25 miles), but my treadmill doesn’t show to the hundredths place in distance. So, I ran 7×0.2 mile repeats instead, with 0.2 mile jogging in between each repeat.

NOW I get why people do speed work on the mill! It goes by so incredibly fast, and I think, you run faster because you can’t slow down (unless you change the speed- which I didn’t).


Yesterday was Halloween. I told you that I had no intentions of dressing up until the last minute, late on Wednesday night. I went as my mom…

Borrowed her clothes
Borrowed her clothes. Missing from the photo: emergency bag, radio, badge w/ her name on it

Not many of you know, but my mom and I work for the same company (different departments). She is the head of health and safety, so during emergencies, she’s wearing that bright yellow vest and carries a radio and emergency bag…it was funnier at work. My costume didn’t really make sense outside of the office.


In other news, I decided to join Anna/Piper of Piper’s Run in a 30 Day Thigh Challenge! Check out her blog and get your daily dose of warms and fuzzies by looking at the pictures of her adorable kids…oh and for more information on the challenge.

30 day thigh challenge

This will be my first 30 day challenge! Hopefully I finish it…

Please join us in this fun challenge! I think the more people you know who are doing it, the more likely you are to stick with it!

Today is:

  • 5 lateral lunges
  • 10 scissors
  • 5 fire hydrants
  • 5 plie squats

That sounds easy enough, right?

Happy Friday and first day of November everyone!

What were you for Halloween?

Will you join us in the 30 day thigh challenge?


14 thoughts on “Foot surgeon visit and 30 day thigh challenge

  1. Ahhh love some great thigh-burning workouts! Had a crazy one yesterday, as my trainer was certainly on a squat/lunge/TRX kick. For Halloween I was a boxer and he (trainer/man) was a punching bag…it came out amazingly and I was so happy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Cute that you were your mom!

    1. LOL. Nooo, not exactly. I went in because of the ankle pain- I essentially wanted to hear from him that it was okay to run because I had a feeling it was just because I overpronate and need special inserts (not a stress fracture or something).

      And yeah, everyone outside of work thought I was a crossing guard lol

  2. Good luck in your challenge! I am so glad to hear your foot pain should dissipate, injuries are no fun!

    Glad you have found the sliver lining of the treadmill which is speedwork haha!

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