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Great 7 mile run, and how to entertain yourselves when the power goes out

In my previous training schedule by Hal Higdon, my long runs were more about time on my feet, not speed. Because of my lack of speed work, it doesn’t surprise me that I wasn’t able to finish my first half marathon at my goal time (under 2 hours).

This time around, my training schedule is a little more challenging, and long runs are meant to be faster, which makes sense. I can’t expect to run a half marathon at a 9:09 pace, if I’m only running at that pace for 3 miles at a time during training…

Yesterday was a 7 mile run, and I tried my best to run at a 9:09 pace.


I ran at a 9:10 pace. Not bad.

The run felt great and the weather was amazing (around 60 degrees, maybe a little under). It made me happy for more fall running. The only thing I didn’t like was that I was running into the wind the first 3.5 miles. so this is why drafting was invented…

Here are the deats.

garmin pace

The other thing I know I need to work on is knowing how much metaphorical fuel I have left in the tank. Mile 6 I went a little too fast, and so mile 7 was a bit of a struggle for me. Woops. Practice practice practice.

I’m still proud of myself. I know I could not keep this pace a few months ago.

My average pace was 9:10, but my average moving pace was 9:03 AND my “moving time” was about a minute and 15 seconds less than my clocked time (aka I forgot to stop and start my watch accordingly at stop lights).

I know this pace might be glacially slow for many of you, but I want to remind others that it’s okay to be slower than other people! Don’t compare yourself to your speedy-cheetah friends. We all have to start somewhere!

Yesterday was also pumpkin carving day…or so we thought.

We learned something- don’t wait until the week before Halloween to purchase your pumpkin from a grocery store. Slim pickins.

I had already bought a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, but Kyle didn’t have much to choose from at the store.

He bought his pumpkin, we took it back to my place, and then we both started to carve. We only got to work on them for ~25 minutes and then we had to leave for a birthday party.

After the birthday party, we came back to my house to start carving, and the power went out…

So unfortunately we didn’t get a lot done and I have no pumpkin photos to show. But we did do this instead:


Poor Skyler…

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully I can show you our carved pumpkins soon!

Did you have any good runs this weekend?

Do you do this with your pets?


13 thoughts on “Great 7 mile run, and how to entertain yourselves when the power goes out

  1. I run with my dog often, she’s a retired sled dog so running is her thing ๐Ÿ™‚ Since it’s the fall she’s good to run for 2 – 2.5k and then is tired but we’ll probably get her up to 5k this winter.

  2. Twin — you are amazing. You are ABSOLUTELY going to ROCK this second half marathon. I’m already so excited for your big day. You are SO smart to be pushing it on those long runs, that’s the hardest part for me. Such an inspiration lady ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Haha shadow puppets are the best! Congrats on your 7 miles! 3 to 7 is a huge difference in holding a pace!
    One thing that I think has helped me has been adding in “speed work.” Most people wouldn’t consider what I do speed work, but for a girl who doesn’t like to hurt when I run, aka, never get that fast for that far, intervals and mile repeats help to break up the lull of a run!

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