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More Frosting, Less Fitness


Yesterday I jogged an easy 3 miles. Don’t have a pace because I purposely didn’t pay attention. I find that if I keep track of my pace during my easy runs, they end up not being so easy because I try to compete with myself. That and my treadmill is a dinosaur and doesn’t give pace…but we’ll go with the first reason.


Here is my final TJ Maxx steal. Love that it’s sweater season!

sweater tj maxx

On to the “frosting” part of my blog…really need to work on the fitness though.

Monday night I baked some macarons. It was my friend’s birthday on Tuesday, so I wanted to give her a little something. We will be celebrating her birthday later, but you gotta have something to open on your birthday.

Pre-baking stage
Pre-baking stage


Strawberry buttercream filling
Strawberry buttercream filling

Still need to work on my timing in the oven. Some came out under-cooked, and some were over-cooked. But overall pretty successful!

Also on Tuesday, I met up with a different friend from work for lunch. She’s getting married in 2.5 weeks and we definitely needed to catch up before she becomes a Mrs.

We went to sushi and y’all know I forgot to take photos. BUTTTTTT, after lunch she wanted to take me to get ice cream. Duh, I’m always down. She had been wanting to take me to this place for quite some time.

Tara’s Organic Ice CreamΒ is an ice cream shop that makes flavors daily out of all natural and organic ingredients.

tara's organic ice cream

I’m not a huge ice cream person (I prefer frozen yogurt or sorbet), but I’m always willing to try πŸ™‚

The flavors today
The flavors that day

I had the fresh mint (sorbet) and it was AMAZING! It was more lime-y with some notes of mint. But I LOVE that tart flavor.

tara's organic ice cream

Also, while we were there, their social media photographer happened to be shooting some photos that day. He took a few pics of us and said they will be up on Facebook at some point. I’ll be sure to brag about my fame on my blog when the day comes.

What’s the best ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato/sorbet you’ve ever had?


11 thoughts on “More Frosting, Less Fitness

  1. OK – I still haven’t had these yummy macarons…Where are mine? Putting in a request for my birthday – you have time….

  2. I am a major weirdo, and prefer froyo to ice cream, but gelato wise, hands down the best was a shop around the corner from our apartment in Rome this summer that had the most delicious meringue mixed in mmmmmm

    Undercooked or not, your macaroons look absolutely perfect!

    1. If you’re a weirdo, at least we can be weirdo’s together because I def love frozen yogurt more than ice cream. OMG how did you not become 1000lbs with a gelato place in ROME! My favorite gelato that I had in Florence had biscotti mixed in…a-maze-ing.

      Aww thank you!!

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