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A big change…and no, I don’t mean puberty

I hit that a while ago folks…

The past few months have been very stressful for me. Some of the stuff I’ve been doing:

  • Working full-time (for a brief period, working 2 jobs)
  • Studying for the GRE
  • Prepping for graduate school applications
  • Spending time with my boyfriend (one of my favorite things to do, but it can be hard to find time when we both work and live at our respective homes)
  • Trying to help my parents out more
  • Training for a half marathon
  • Writing this blog

And then I noticed that these past couple weeks have been pretty darn awesome for me. Why? What has changed?

Basically the only thing I’ve crossed off my list (above) is that I’m done with the GRE.

What has changed, however, is my priorities. I’ve been more focused on finding time to spend with Kyle, cooking for my family, running when I can, etc.

When I first started this blog, I read other blogs on how to write a good blog. wait, what? And one big rule is consistency- posting at a consistent rate is important to gather “followers.”

However, I realized that sometimes I dreaded writing a post because I had nothing to talk about, but then I would crank out a post just for the sake of having something posted <– a great way to engage readers…

So my new rule is that I will try my gosh darn best to post every day, but if I truly have nothing to talk about or I don’t have any time, I’m not going to sweat it. If I lose some followers, I will miss you, but I will be okay with that.

This blog was created to be a fun way to track my training progress, keep myself accountable, and to inspire others. Can’t do that if my posts sound like this:

“Dear diary, today I went to the grocery store. I bought some food. I cooked that food. This is what it looks like.”

I would much rather be spending quality time with Kyle or helping my mom out by cooking dinner, than writing a post like that!

But you can always follow me on Instagram (Fitnessmeetsfrosting, or click on icon to the right)! I might not have time to write a whole post, but I can sure post a pic!

So here’s to (raises a hypothetical glass) turning over a new leaf!


8 thoughts on “A big change…and no, I don’t mean puberty

  1. I love this! Even though I find all of your posts thoroughly entertaining, I quickly learned the same thing as you!
    Consistency is critical (sure for readers but to keep yourself accountable as well) but who said consistency meant daily?
    Sometimes I still publish content that is on the superfluous side, but to hold myself accountable. Not only is posting daily incredibly demanding, my life just isn’t that interesting haha πŸ™‚

    1. Aww thank you! I completely agree with you. Sometimes my posts are boring and about my long runs, but if I don’t write them, I might not complete them…I don’t think people understand how demanding writing a blog is, unless you have your own!

      And I hear ya. I’d like to think my life is Hollywood glamorous, but I’m more like the D-list celebrity that the paparazzi will pay to get out of their shot of the A-list celebrity.

  2. I think every blogger I’ve met has had to go through periods of not blogging to get reconnected with everyday life and then at some point they want an outlet and come back. Great thing about the internet it’s always there!

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