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Strike 2

Happy Friday everyone!

So yesterday was date night for Kyle and myself. Thursdays he comes over to my house and I make dinner.

Partially cooked on Wednesday
Partially cooked on Wednesday
meat sauce dinner
My giant plate of meat sauce with spaghetti squash + carrots, and his ginormous plate of meat sauce with whole wheat spaghetti + a second plate for carrots

We rushed through dinner so we could make the 7:30 screening of Captain Phillips. We got there at around 7:15 PM, but I think we cut it too close and we should have left earlier.

movie theatre

Now, remember, this is my second time going to see this movie. The first time didn’t go so well. I figured I would be fine this time around because we sat closer to the back of the theatre.

I was wrong.

I started to feel a little sick at around the same time as last time. I even tried not looking at the screen for the first 30 minutes because I had already seen that part.

I made it about 45 minutes longer than the last time we went to this movie, and then Kyle noticed that I wasn’t feel so great (I was trying really hard to act normal).

He whispered, “Are you feeling okay?” I shook my head, yes. He could tell I was lying and got up and left, instead of waiting for me to try to convince him to stay (he knows me too well).

Strike 2…

I felt horrible for 2 reasons: 1- I was seasick. 2- This was the second freaking time I’ve made Kyle leave this movie!

I started crying (just tearing up, not a 3-year old meltdown) in the lobby because I felt so bad.

We got our movie vouchers and left so Kyle could take care of me at home.

Moral of the story: You can’t take Amy to movies, where the majority of the film takes place at sea. Or you will have to leave…twice.

From what I’ve seen so far, I think the movie is really good! I think the issue is the way it is shot (kind of jerky), which causes my motion sickness.

Anyways, I am lame and still haven’t seen the full film.

To end on a happier note, my mom sent me a postcard from Switzerland (She was there for work, and then stayed longer to go to Florence with my aunt). Jealous.

post card

Have you ever had to leave the movie theatre mid-movie? Yes…more times than I would like to admit.


14 thoughts on “Strike 2

  1. Aww no! Sorry to hear about that, it must have been horrible! I have awful sea sickness and there are lots of movies I can’t see.
    The worst I’ve felt was when I was sent out to film on a boat, watching an object being lifted (in heavy winds) by a crane. Awful.

  2. Oh no, you went back for more? Maybe you need to go in 20 minute stages – Day one watch the first 20 mins then leave. Day 2 wait 20 mins then enter the theater for another 20 mins, then leave. Repeat until you get through the whole movie! Ha!
    Seriously though, did you try not looking directly at the screen? Like looking at the wall and just seeing the screen in your peripheral vision during the shakey parts? I had to do that when I watched Blair Witch Project cause it was so shakey. Or wait till it’s on DVD and watch it on a smaller screen?

    1. HAHA Kyle said the same thing! He said, okay, next time we’re going to go to the last 45 minutes of the movie, and then stay until the first part of the next movie so we can get our money’s worth ๐Ÿ˜‰

      I did try not looking directly at the screen (for the first 30 minutes). Unfortunately it didn’t work…So yes, I will probably have to wait to see this until it is out on DVD

  3. What does spaghetti squash taste like – always wanted to try it – does it have more of a squash type flavor or is it more along the butternut squash pumpkin taste?

    1. It definitely doesn’t taste like butternut squash or pumpkin, it’s more of a subtle flavor. It’s really good and filling. You don’t really taste it if you have good sauce. The boys would probably think it was fun to shred the spaghetti too! And then they would probably consider eating it…

  4. Poor kiddo…you got the bad seasick/carsick genes… Maybe try with some “no drowsy” Dramamine ? Maybe some pseudofed too? Poor Kyle too…

    1. That’s what I jokingly said to Kyle after the first incident…guess I have to for reals. Although I’m not sure if I’m going to try to see this movie in theatres anymore. It’s quite embarrassing to have to leave…twice.

  5. As a side note to the movie, one of my swim friends has a son who is a Merchant Marine. Some of that movie was filmed on his ship. (he wasn’t there) ๐Ÿ™‚

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