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You may call me Ms. Grumpy-Gills McMaxxinista

Yesterday I tried to run 3 miles. I ran 1.2. Fail.

boo you whore

My stupid ankle has been hurting and/or feeling weak ever since my half marathon.

After about 1 mile yesterday, my ankle started to hurt so I switched to walking. But then a little voice in my head, we’ll call him Kyle, started asking me why am I still walking if my ankle hurts?

So I iced my ankle
So I iced my ankle*

*Insert screaming and swearing. I was going to ice both feet but I’m too much of a wimp.

So today, I doubt I am going to get to do my 400m repeats since my ankle has been hurting since I got up this AM. It’s about to get all sorts of grumpy up in here folks. I have a little over 1 month before my next half marathon and I can’t even run right now! Strength training it is.

Anyways, let’s back-track to some happier parts of the week:

Earlier this week, I went to TJ Maxx and found some pretty awesome steals.

tj maxx top
I’m a Maxxinista

Got that top for $16.99. It has a cute zipper detail down the back. And no, there aren’t any weird white spots on the front, that’s the nasty mirror in the locker room at work.

I’ll post the other 2 tops whenever I end up wearing them because I’m too lazy to try on clothes just to take photos.

Also this week, I finally got to try out my awesome penguin ice cube trays!

penguin ice cube tray

You know how I have to feed my cat pumpkin? Well I decided to freeze most of the pumpkin because there’s no way my cat would finish the can before it started to mold. She’s so lucky she gets to try my first penguin-ice-cube-tray-project! #imaloser

And finally, I figured I’d hop on the WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) band wagon:

Breakfast: cinnamon oatmeal with chia seeds and frozen strawberries

And my Mediterranean salad (recipe)  for lunch.

Mediterranean salad

I would have brought some whole wheat pita bread to eat with it, but it had a delicate note of freezer burn, so I opted to toss it.

Dinner will be boring leftovers because I will be prepping for tomorrow’s dinner 🙂

Got any advice for my ankle issues? I think I have plantar fasciitis…

What have you eaten today?


10 thoughts on “You may call me Ms. Grumpy-Gills McMaxxinista

  1. Twin I HATE hearing you are having frustrating runs. This is not something I want to be able to relate to with you. I didn’t post this on the blog, but I was REALLY hopeful to get 3 in today, but I woke up this morning and just didn’t feel confident enough to try. I have running clothes at work, ready if I feel good after work — but this has me thinking that maybe I should give my body more time, whether I want to or not.

    1. LOL twin- read the first sentence you posted. Out of context it sounds super funny (like I’m having GI issues) hahaha. I’m mature.

      I’m sorry we’re sharing this injury thing- it sucks!!! Thanks for not pushing yourself this AM though, smart move! Listen to your body (not your desires). Man, I need to keep repeating that in my head…

  2. Boo, sorry to hear about the ankle. I haven’t had issues there, but I definitely used to get ITB inflammation during marathon training (switched over to normal shoes for when I’m not running… instead of cheap year-round flip flops. The pain doesn’t show up anymore!).
    Haven’t eaten anything exciting yet. Your eats look so colorful and delicious!

  3. Love the shirt! Love the price even more. I wish I was able to be a Maxxinista like you – I go through the racks and get frustrated before I can find anything to try on. I’m just no good at looking for treasures in those stores.

    1. Thanks! Haha no, I know exactly what you mean. I can only go to these types of stores when I’m very awake and in a certain mood. Sifting through endless racks when I’m tired just creates a cranky girl with no new clothes.

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