400 meter repeats- like the first day of school

Your first 400m repeats are like the first day of school.

My first day of 1st grade
My first day of 1st grade (what the hell am I wearing?)

You’re excited to go start, but a little bit nervous because you want to do well and don’t know what to expect.

Then you get started and you’re like, “Can I be done now? I want to go home.”

amy and sienna nap

So my training schedule says to run these 400m repeats at 5K pace. However, Kyle somehow convinced me that these should be more of a sprint so we decided on 7:00 mile pace (or 1:45 per lap)

I stretched, then did 2 laps of jogging. I did 5 x 400m repeats, with 1 lap of jogging in between each “sprint.” Here’s the results:

  • 1:46
  • 1:39
  • 1:46
  • 1:48
  • 1:44

And the thoughts that went along with each lap:

  • Oh this isn’t so bad, I kind of like it.
  • Push it! Can’t run a faster half marathon if you don’t do speed work.
  • ^^^ (That’s an up arrow) Shut up you optimistic b*tch!
  • OMG this sucks. I HATE this! No one talk to me or I’ll cut you.
  • Last one! (Kyle ran this one with me so it actually wasn’t as bad)

I was not meant to run fast. Just sayin.

I’m excited for the day that this pace becomes too easy…if that day EVER comes.

I only have stretching and strength training for today. I’m excited to not have to move quickly.

Happy Monday everyone!

What was your first 400m repeat run like?


15 thoughts on “400 meter repeats- like the first day of school

  1. I love this description of the 400m repeats experience. I’ve done them before but not for a LONG time! I also follow Hal Higdon’s training programs, but clearly not as religiously as you do. In the 4 half marathon’s I’ve been following his plan, I’ve yet to ever do the repeats. I’m a little horrified to admit that so I guess it’s time to get out there! Thanks for the inspiration and the awesome post!

    1. Aww thanks! Haha I HAD to print out and follow his schedule because I’m not disciplined enough to just wing it and decided how much to run that day. Don’t be embarrassed! Everyone trains differently πŸ™‚

  2. Way to go! It doesn’t really ever get easier, because as soon as it does start to get easy, you have to do more or go faster!
    I agree, it was exciting the first time I did them! I hadn’t been on a track since high school, so it is fun to go run in circles sometimes!

  3. It was you fav dress and fav sweatshirt …not meant to go together but as I’ve said before, once you make up your mind about stuff, it cannot be changed.

  4. Dang girl! Track workouts hurt. Which is why I do them about once a year haha! Love the first day of school analogy!

  5. Never done these on a track which probably means I haven’t pushed myself as much as I should. I guess I should try these. Thanks for the inspiration/terrorizing me with the thought of doing them. I’ll let you know how it goes! πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve never done them, really should though! It sounds like Kyle was a good coach haha! And those times are great. πŸ™‚
    Such a cute pic of your first day at school, you look so brave and excited!

  7. The running sounds gruesome . . . this is why I didn’t follow a formal training guide! the picture is ADORABLE . . . I want to pick that little girl up and squeeze her. πŸ™‚

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