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Big Fat Liar and Rule Breaker

So yesterday I said I was going to go run 400m repeats. I’m a big fat liar.

I drove over to Kyle’s house, and from there we walked to the local high school to use their track. Damn kids were having a football game!

So Kyle and I did an upper body workout instead (something I have been majorly neglecting) and today I am paying for it. It hurts so good.

BUT I was also really bad and broke Rule #1 in the Runner’s Handbook: Thou shalt not wear running shoes for activities other than running. I wore my running shoes for the workout and for some errands.

Yesterday Kyle and I also cooked dinner for his family. He had found a Pad Thai recipe a while back and really wanted to try it. So we decided to cook a Thai feast!

We learned a valuable lesson: always make a grocery list.

We drove about 20 minutes to an Asian food market to get a lot of the spices. After that, we drove to Trader Joe’s (on the way home) to buy the produce and meats. We stopped off at my house so I could change shoes (ha!) and then we realized we forgot some items.

On the way to my house: I had to throw that in there because the leave changing colors makes me excited for fall!
On the way to my house: I had to throw that in there because the leave changing colors makes me excited for fall!

We drove to Safeway to pick up said items. Kyle then realize we had forgotten a spice at the Asian food market. We knew it wasn’t at Safeway or Trader Joe’s. Off to the Asian food market we went…

We got back to Kyle’s house and started prep work. And then we realized we forgot more ingredients…luckily Kyle’s mom was already out so Kyle asked her to pick up the missing items.

6 grocery store trips later…

Our Thai feast!
  • Chicken and tofu Pad Thai
  • Beef and tofu Pad Thai
  • Cucumber salad
  • Chicken satay and peanut dipping sauce
  • Chicken curry

Chicken satay
Chicken satay
Chicken curry
Chicken curry

So delicious and yes, we had a buttload of leftovers.

How many times have you had to go back to a grocery store for ONE meal?


11 thoughts on “Big Fat Liar and Rule Breaker

  1. lol Do you guys use a shopping list or an app on your phone? Our grocery store is about 10 seconds away from our house by car, yet we avoid going there! We usually never go back for ingredients while making a meal because I put it all on my GroceryIQ app on my phone. Our first year living here, though, we had to go back to the grocery store about 3 times on Halloween because there were so many kids we couldn’t keep up with the candy!

  2. Haha, well it looks like your meal was well worth the effort! Plus any boy who wants to cook for his fam is a keeper πŸ™‚

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