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Food Friday. Oh and vampire’s craiglist.

First, I have to show you something hilariously awful. It really highlights my coordination.

Photo Oct 03, 4 26 01 PM
That’s a whole water bottle’s worth of water on my seat at work.

Luckily I did this as I was leaving. And I made sure to tuck my chair in so people don’t think I use my chair as a bedpan.

On to food! As y’all know, I’ve been trying to carbo load healthfully this week. So I happened to be a semi-decent blogger and took photos of some of my food.

Part of Wednesday’s dinner.

Crostini with figs and goat cheese
Crostini with figs and goat cheese

Normally I’d add a little honey to this, but I was trying to keep it a little healthier.

Now, on to Thursday morning. I had to do a health screen for work. Basically a physical with an additional pee in the cup.

I had to get my blood drawn. I HATE needles. Thus, I hate getting blood drawn. My veins are kind of small and not easy to find. So this happened.

Photo Oct 03, 10 32 45 AM
Both arms

Apparently it is hard to get blood out of me #idontliketoshare Can I advertise this on Vampire’s Craiglist?

On to Thursday’s dinner. That one has low fat mozzarella, a sprinkling of Parmesan, and some kale on top. I love sauce more than cheese on pizza, so this actually doesn’t have a whole lot of cheese (even thought it looks like it does). For Kyle, I made basically the same pizza but added chicken sausage, more cheese, and way less kale.

Photo Oct 03, 6 47 53 PM Photo Oct 03, 6 48 46 PM

I will not be sharing how much of the pizza I ate…

Have you ever spilled water everywhere at work?
I find it’s much worse when it happens at work, but there’s always less swearing.

What’s your favorite carbo loading meal?


8 thoughts on “Food Friday. Oh and vampire’s craiglist.

  1. I told everyone at work that I had spilled water on my chair, but in reality I had a little accident. πŸ˜‰ I’m with you – when it comes to pasta and pizza, I’m all about the sauce!

  2. I recently spilled my water bottle all over my huge desk calendar at work.
    It’s still sitting on the floor way behind my desk. That one isn’t getting repaired. Awesome! But could have been worse, right? Could have been the computer.

    My current favorite carbo loading meals are healthy pizzas and my darn bagel sandwiches. I am loving them!

    1. Oh no!!! Yeah, I looked at it glass half full (or I guess, water bottle fully empty. ha.) and that my electronics were not ruined. My mom has shorted out a keyboard and something else at work because of this. Now I know where I get it from…

      I love me some healthy pizzas. And I still need to try bagel sandwiches- you really can’t lose there.

    1. That’s what my mom said! She told me she has small veins and it’s hard to get her blood so she prefers butterfly needles…and I said, you passed down your small veins, you couldn’t have passed down that knowledge BEFORE?! haha

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