I hate it when my coffee is too hot…

Sorry I was MIA yesterday! I had a pretty busy day, with no real breaks.

I’m loving these cold fall mornings! Now when I get to work I’m able to make a cup of tea without sweating. #winning

Today I had some of this tea that Kyle’s mommy bought for me! Soooo good.

Photo Oct 01, 7 30 10 AM

It seems like every time I make tea/coffee, someone needs my help with something in the lab within 5 minutes of the liquid entering my cup. And then it gets cold. I should switch to a thermos, but I love my mug too much.

My Disney Grumpy mug
My Disney Grumpy mug

Photo Oct 01, 8 53 08 AM

This week I told myself it is super important to stay hydrated (since my half is on Sunday). So obviously I’ve been really bad at this so far…which is weird because I normally drink a ton of water. But anyways, I realized around 3 PM that I had only drank my tea and 1.5 bottles of water.

My new favorite bottle
My new favorite bottle

That bottle (Hydroflask) is amazing and keeps my water cold all day long. If I put ice in it in the morning, there will still be ice around 3 PM. Kyle has left his bottle in his car during the day and overnight, filled with ice, and there is still ice the next morning.

Oh and it does the opposite to hot stuff- keeps it super hot all day. Kyle filled his with coffee, drove to work, and then texted me that he burned his tongue because his coffee was too hot. #firstworldproblems

But back to my point, I didn’t drink enough water yesterday so when I got home, I drank some Nuun before my run.

Photo Sep 27, 6 39 48 PM

I actually ran a decent 3 miler yesterday. 26:00 at an 8:38 pace. Not bad (for me).

Photo Oct 01, 9 30 49 PM Photo Oct 01, 9 31 04 PM

After my run and shower, I scarfed down food and headed over to Kyle’s…dressed like this.

Photo Oct 01, 9 26 07 PM
Gotta love the compression socks stickin’ out past my boots

He didn’t even say anything about how weird I looked which tells you 2 things. 1) That’s love. No judgement here. And 2) It’s not “weird” if I dress like that all the time. It’s “normal.”

I hope you all have a happy hump day! I only have a 2 mile run for today- going to jog it and keep it easy.

What weird, post-run outfits do you rock?


6 thoughts on “I hate it when my coffee is too hot…

  1. Oh twin — you know my running gear is the “norm” around our house. I honestly feel bad for Zach, because he never really sees me in normal clothes. You know it’s love when they think it’s cute that you have 3 tan lines on your legs, right? Compression sock line, running short line, and bathing suit line.

    1. LOL! I like to think of it like this: We set the bar low, so that they don’t get accustomed to us looking all fancy all the time. So when we dress up, they’re blown away. Really it’s for their own good so they don’t get sick of us πŸ˜‰

  2. Ok I left this on your first mention of the Nuun – but I guess I goofed and it didn’t stick…So now I’m doing it again – we did a search for nuun long time ago (back in 2009) for a new President and my co-worker had all these samples – I remember she said oh I don’t know what to do with them – I think she gave them away eventually…Too bad I hadn’t know back then that you would need them today – I could of snagged you like a whole entire box of these babies…Sorry about that…Glad they work and they you like them – I’ll let her know…She still keeps in contact with a guy from there – but I think he’s now with a different company…

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