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Parents’ anniversary, 2 desserts, and silly cats

After my run on Saturday, I basically ate, stretched, iced, and studied. so fun.

Reason #382 why I love fall: an excuse to wear yoga pants and a sweatshirt every day.

Photo Sep 28, 6 01 55 PM
Too bad this isn’t appropriate work attire.

The popular sunbathing hang out for yesterday (Skyler- white kitty- was in the sun, but the photo doesn’t show it)

Photo Sep 28, 1 47 03 PM Photo Sep 28, 3 15 14 PM

Yesterday was my parent’s 28th wedding anniversary!

My FamilyR
From their 25th anniversary party

Although, if you ask my dad, he’ll say it’s their 20th wedding anniversary and I am their bastard child. lovely.

They spent the day in the city (SF) playing with seals, eating sourdough bread, and climbing hills. not really.

But they did bring bag these bad boys home for dessert.

Photo Sep 28, 8 15 22 PM Photo Sep 28, 8 15 59 PM

I don’t think anyone actually ate any last night though. I know, major sin.

Kyle came over to help me study and was super thoughtful/sweet/awesome/the best and brought the 2 of us frozen yogurt. <– Way to a girl’s heart

Photo Sep 28, 8 58 17 PM
Vanilla and pineapple with yogurt chips

In my opinion, frozen yogurt should be eaten right away because it doesn’t freeze well (after extruding it from the machine). Cupcakes, on the other hand, taste fan-freaking-tastic the next day.

I probably could have talked myself in to eating 2 desserts, but my tummy is always sensitive on the days of long runs. Plus, my half is in a week (!!!) so I want to be careful about food intake.

While helping me study, Snickers clearly got a little jealous of all the attention Kyle was getting. So she had to make me jealous.

Photo Sep 28, 9 00 17 PM Photo Sep 28, 10 20 07 PM

Cats are so funny.

Happy Sunday!

Do you have any pets that get jealous?

Should I have eaten 2 desserts? Yes. The answer is always yes.


7 thoughts on “Parents’ anniversary, 2 desserts, and silly cats

  1. Happy anniversary to your parents! I actually think it made sense to eat the froyo one day and save the cupcakes for the next. I mean, two desserts in one day is fine and all, but why not spread out the enjoyment?

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