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Lessons learned on my taper run


6 mile taper run- basically, don’t push it and just run at a comfortable pace. Here are the pathetically slow stats:


I know it was supposed to be slow, but here’s why it was SUPER slow:


Mexican food is not good pre-run food.

K, I know this is a “Hello Captain Obvious” lesson. Last night I had this for dinner

Pollo en Mole
Pollo en Mole

Whelp that was a mistake. During my run, it felt like my insides were ripping apart and like they were going to ignite and set me on fire from the inside.

My goal became NOT to do what a 1 year old would do:

  1. Don’t vomit on yourself
  2. Don’t let it come out the other end
  3. Don’t do #’s 1 and 2 and then cry for your mommy

Fun times.


Don’t be a butthead and judge people

I tend to be the type of person who doesn’t like to judge people and I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. This can bite me in the ass, and it has. But still, I try not to be a judgy judgerson.

Well, today I forgot about this and was a butthead…and I learned my lesson.

As I was running on the trail, I saw a few kids on their bikes (probably in middle school). They were riding off to the side, but approaching the path where runners, walkers, and cyclists were. I anticipated getting cut off by this boy and was going to get annoyed, but I was pleasantly surprised.

I heard his friend (who was farther ahead on the trail) yell, “Come on!”

The boy yelled back, “I will, I’m just letting the runner pass me first.”

I told him thank you and then he said “Great job! Keep going!”

Sometimes when you get this kind of encouragement from pre-teens/teens, it’s sarcastic and you hear them cackle as they ride off. Not this time. I could tell it was genuine and he continued to cheer me on for a bit.

Who wants to help me shove my foot in my mouth?

Want to see what I had post-run for lunch? I clearly can’t make simple “cause and effect” correlations.

Photo Sep 28, 1 44 20 PM Photo Sep 28, 1 44 36 PM

That’s my leftover chicken and rice thrown in a bowl with some spinach and a steamed sweet potato. Oh with some homemade guac in there too.

If I can give you any advice, remember these 2 lessons:

  1. Mexican food might cause your stomach to burst in to flames and make you wish you had a barf bag and a diaper.
  2. Don’t be a butthead.

What food can you NOT eat the night before/right before a run?


13 thoughts on “Lessons learned on my taper run

  1. When I was first running, I thought eating half a salted caramel cake would be good fuel before a 10-miler. Oh good God, how wrong I was. Especially as the route was super hilly. Lesson learned! Also, sometimes people surprise me both ways when I’m running like I’ll see a group of girls walking back from an exercise class and think they’ll move over because we’re all in the ‘workout club’ but as I come closer I realise there’s no way they’re going to do the decent thing and are set on making me stop/go into the road.

    1. OMG salted caramel cake sounds AMAZING! Lol I would have made the same mistake…

      I hate when people are rude like that! I’ve seen pedestrians laugh when you’re coming up on them and say “on your left” and then they just stay in the way. I used to take it personally but I’m learning that it says more about them then it does about me.

      1. It tasted sooo good but oh goodness the run. It was horrendous, no lie!
        Yes people can be so rude, I just don’t understand it. If I’m in a really bad mood I just run straight at them and if I hit them – well why didn’t they move! Usually not brave enough though!

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