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Treadmill hell and the next half marathon I want to sign up for

Thursday WORKOUT:

Ran 3 miles on the treadmill. It was horrible. My back started to hurt and I should have stopped…the Icy Hot patch became my BFF (I also realized thanks to the help of my blog twin that most of you probably don’t know about my back issues. Check out my About Me for more info).

I find treadmill running really hard, mentally and physically. I tend to run at least 1 min (usually more) slower on the treadmill, than my normal pace on land…and that’s me dying and pushing myself as hard as I can.

Anyone else have this problem?

The only plus side of my treadmill run was that I got to catch up on some TV. I got to watch the season premiere of Modern Family. LOVE.



Many of you know that my FIRST half marathon is in less than 2 weeks!! Well, I think I already found the next half I want to sign up for! Is that weird?

If my first half goes well and I don’t want to chop off my feet and chuck my shoes at the first place guy/girl, I want to sign up for the Berkeley Half Marathon on Nov. 24th!


I feel like I have a special connection to Berkeley because I went to UC Berkeley.

Photo Feb 02, 4 22 34 PM
Kyle’s family dog is named Cal, so I think he (and me by association) gets extra points for that

This half is not hosted by UC Berkeley, but the city of Berkeley. It will be the 1st half marathon they host, and it would be pretty freaking awesome to be a part of that! When I’m 80, I can hobble over to my grand kids on my bionic legs and say, “I was a part of the very first Berkeley Half.” And they will say, “Wow that’s awesome Damn grandma, you’re old.”

This 13.1 mile point-to-point race route was created to show off Berkeley’s favorite spots – from the city center to the UC Berkeley Campus and the beautiful waterfront and marina


The route is flat, fast, and net-downhill

uhh hello. my favorite race words.

What’s cooler is that a bunch of people from work want to do this too, and we were able to talk the coordinators in to giving us a discount 🙂 I’m also going to try to talk my friend, Shanna (same person I am running my/our first half with), in to running this with me!

If anything, it’s a good excuse to eat a metric ass-ton of carbs on Thanksgiving. If anyone glares at me while I pile on the mound of mash potatoes, I’ll say “I just ran 13.1 miles. What’d you do this weekend?” 😉

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

What races are you signed up for/do you want to sign up for?

Do you love Modern Family? If not, I don’t think we can be friends…

12 thoughts on “Treadmill hell and the next half marathon I want to sign up for

  1. Totally with you on dreading the treadmill…I only use it as a last resort in the early wintry mornings here in NYC, when running on the river would be dangerous in the dark. Such a killjoy though. Berkeley half sounds fab! A guy at work just signed up for a half in Paris in March and I’m thinking I should probably do that too… wishful. 🙂

    1. Oh man, yes NYC winters are much worse than my bay area CA winters!

      OMG you should totally do a half in Paris!! Here is your rationalization: running is healthy–>half marathon in Paris–>half marathons require running–>you would be going to Paris for your health…you’re welcome 😉

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