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Lunching, stores named after my dog, and GRE rant

Heads up- this blog post (kind of like most of my other posts) will zigzag all over the place like you’re running from an alligator.

Wednesday I was supposed to run 4 miles. This did not happen. But I actually had a good reason- my back was hurting pretty badly. I’m moving this run to Friday (which is a rest day) so NBD.

Yesterday, I also went to lunch with my mom and Uncle. He happened to be working near me and also needed to give my mom a map and book for her upcoming trip to Europe!

Photo Sep 25, 11 37 46 AM
Salad the size of my head (not including my hair- they don’t make salads that big)

My sister texted this to me yesterday.

If you can't read it, the store is called Sienna Brown
If you can’t read it, the store is called Sienna Brown

Our chocolate lab is named Sienna (because of the color Sienna brown).

Photo May 11, 12 20 13 PM

I’m fairly certain no one except for Annie (my sis) and myself think this is cool.

Oh and I bought these when I was picking up my Honey Stinger gels.

Photo Sep 25, 4 37 48 PM

These are my blog twin’s, (Ashley) favorite. Because we are twins, I had to try them.

And now I need to rant for a quick minute about the GRE (which I am taking in less than a week).

I’m starting to get really sick of this stupid test. Not that we were ever on good terms, it’s just getting to the point now where I just want to hang my books up on a wall and play darts on them. But seriously, I don’t see how answering these questions will tell a college that I will be good/bad at stem cell biology.

Like, I just WON’T be asked this sh@# in real life!

Jack is 13 years older than Ben. In 8 years, he will be twice as old as Ben. How old is Jack now?

If I wanted to know how old Jack is, I’d go up and ask him. And if I didn’t know Jack, why the eff would I care how old he is?? just sayin. That isn’t even a difficult question, I just hate Jack and Ben the GRE THAT much.

K, rant over 🙂

Happy Thursday!

What’s your favorite running fuel?


8 thoughts on “Lunching, stores named after my dog, and GRE rant

  1. But Jack and Ben like you so much and were hoping you would make them cupcakes for their birthday’s. BTW, Jack’s birthday is in a week, make the appropriate number of cupcakes please.

  2. That salad looks amazing, I’m a huge fan of eating food bigger than my head too 😉
    I love the name of your dog, clearly she should have her picture taken outside the shop! Mine is called Harry-Dog – I’d be impressed if that’s a shop name haha!
    I don’t use fuel while running, it doesn’t work for me. I just fuel up with a Trek bar (or two for a half marathon) before and it tends to hold me over. Have a great weekend!

    1. Aww thanks! I could see your dog’s name being the name of a pet groomer, like Hairy Dog but to make it cute they changed it to Harry Dog 😉

      Wow that’s impressive that you don’t need fuel during the race!

      Have an excellent weekend!

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