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SWAG, Gifts, and Giants

I forgot to mention a couple cool things that I got on Monday!

My aunt and uncle gave me this really cute body scrub.

Photo Sep 23, 7 35 52 PM

I’m fairly certain this was for helping out with my cousins while they were off visiting my other cousin in college…or just because I’m awesome. we’ll go with the latter 😉

It smells heavenly and I thought it was candy at first when I opened my package.

Photo Sep 23, 7 35 35 PM

I was really tempted to leave it out and see if my dad ate it. This sounds mean but he has a really bad/rude habit of eating other people’s food. If you see a nicely packed lunch in the fridge, no, the lunch fairy did not pack it for you- it’s someone else’s food!! I did not leave the body scrub out BTW.

I also got some SWAG from my dad. The company he is currently at (he’s a pharmaceutical consultant so he moves around a lot), gives him some of their products sometimes. This is mineral sunscreen.

Photo Sep 23, 7 42 09 PM

It’s realllly good. It feels and smells like moisturizer- not super greasy like most sunscreens. Not something I will use for my runs in the harsh sun, but great for every day.

Anyways, about Tuesday night! Kyle was able to get tickets to the Giants (vs. Dodgers) game!

After work, I went to Safeway to pick up some dinner for Kyle and myself. Nothing special, just sandwiches and snacky things. <–easy way to save a buttload of money at games

Kyle drove straight to my house immediately after he was done with work and we drove to BART. Once we got on BART, we realized how tired we were so we also stopped off at Starbucks on the way to AT&T Park. I love how these are on every corner because Kyle just mapped our route from the BART station to AT&T Park, and we ran into a Starbucks without making any detours.

This isn’t from last night, but I had to share. I didn’t think my name was that hard to spell.

I’ve seen “Aimee” and “Amie” before…both incorrect BTW 😉

We got to the game and met up with Kyle’s brother and his friend. It was really fun, even though the Giants lost. Kyle is a Dodgers fan so he was happy.

Photo Sep 24, 9 45 53 PM
He won that jersey at a county fair! Some baseball booth where you had to hit a catcher’s mitt x feet away, 3 times (given 4 chances).

FYI I always get nervous when he wears Dodgers stuff to Giants games (in SF). I’m paranoid that there will be one psychotic Giants fan who has a mental breakdown and attacks him. #iwatchtoomanycrimeshows #wheresmyshank

We couldn’t get a good photo of us with the field in the background- so here are 2 and you can use your imagination.

Photo Sep 24, 9 40 53 PM Photo Sep 24, 9 22 37 PM

We didn’t get back until after 11:30 PM, so I didn’t go to bed until after midnight. I got up for work early today, so I’m gonna go take a nap under my desk now. #iwish


Have a great day 🙂

What’s the worst a coffee shop has screwed up your name?


9 thoughts on “SWAG, Gifts, and Giants

  1. My name is pretty straight forward, so I don’t think it’s even been real messed up. I also try and buy coffee out as rarely as possible. I prefer to spend my money on ridiculously expensive chocolate. Sad. . . but true. I will take my apartment coffee, save the cashola, and BURN it on chocolate. Ahhh…Zach is a lucky guy.

    And speaking of that, I probably would have tried to eat the truffle. Due to my love of chocolate.

    1. We are twins, twin. I don’t buy coffee out unless I have a gift card-which I did! I’m too cheap and would much rather spend the money on clothes/runner stuff 🙂

      HAHA yeah, I’m glad I looked at the bottom! It has an intense fruity smell, so I figured it wasn’t any sort of candy.

      And I’ve avoided tell you this because it is the one HUGE non-twin thing and you might disown me as your twin- I don’t really like chocolate…I’ll eat certain things, like maybe a homemade chocolate chip cookie or something not super chocolatey, but it’s not my favorite. I should, however, say that I am liking chocolate more with age, so I get some brownie (ha, get it?) points right?

      1. I am going to need a night to process this, twin. I don’t know if I am jealous of your lack of chocolate need, so if I am just shocked. 😉

        I did branch out from my chocolate love today. Every store has Halloween candy currently. I may or may not have bought Starburst Candy Corn. That’s right. I’m not even embarrassed.

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