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Busy cook’s best friend = pet torture device

Monday was a pretty typical work day- except a fire alarm went off around 9 AM and we all had to evacuate.

Photo Sep 23, 8 53 26 AM
Awesome shot of a few parking spaces. I’m a pretty amazing photographer.

Remember in grade school, how fun fire drills were? A chance to get out of class and socialize. Yeah, well at work, they’re just annoying…

Lunch was fun because my mom took my sister and me out to lunch (my sister is home until tomorrow)! We went to Sendo Sushi.

The 2 more exciting plate in the back were my mom and sister's
The 2 more exciting plates in the back were my mom and sister’s

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I didn’t like sushi until fairly recently. Kyle made me try it once we were going out. I don’t like anything too crazy though- but that’s because I’m picky about seafood (I don’t like most).

Later, I texted this to Kyle because I was pretty proud of myself. I should be an engineer. ha! yeah right.

Photo Sep 23, 1 27 53 PM

I was tired of opening my file drawer and all my folders would slide to the very back. Enter binder clips. I put binder clips on each side of the track, and that solved the problem.

After work, I decided to run my 3-miler. I’m supposed to run it tomorrow but I’m going to the Giant’s game with Kyle and his brother after work!

While I was getting ready, I grabbed my watch from the family room and put it on so I wouldn’t set it down and forget where I put it. I just happened to be wearing another watch at the same time…

New trend?
New trend?

Nothing special about the run. 27:46, 9:14 pace (9:43, 9:22, 8:38).

For dinner, my mom made her healthy crock-pot turkey chili and corn bread. File that under, “another reason to love fall. ” Crock-pots are amazing because you can set it and forget it! what infomercial was that from?

She put everything in this morning, and when I walked into the house after work, the smell was incredible. That being said, I have to think crock-pots are a pet’s worst nightmare. Imagine being stuck at home all day, smelling delicious food that you know you cannot touch. #torture

The finished product- looks like dog vomit, tastes delicious
The finished product- looks like dog vomit, tastes delicious

Oh and my mom picked some cherry tomatoes, which are more like pea tomatoes, for salad.

That's a benadryl for size reference
That’s a Benadryl for size reference

Do you like fire drills?

Do you have a favorite crock-pot recipe?


10 thoughts on “Busy cook’s best friend = pet torture device

  1. We had one of those lovely fire drills a week or two ago. The kids mostly complained because they made us wait out there for 15 minutes, but they still love to miss part of class and socialize with their friends.
    What kinds of sushi do you like? My sister really wants to take me out to sushi but I keep saying that I hate most of the ingredients like cilantro, cream cheese, mayo, and avocado. I love seafood, though!
    Mmmmm love crockpot food. I have this chicken recipe that is always a winner in our house – With BBQ sauce, salsa, jalapeno peppers, and other various spices.

    1. I like the really boring ones like the plain cucumber and I also like spicy tuna if it’s made without mayo (it is supposed to be just tuna and chopped up spices-probably chili flakes or something- but a lot of places add mayo which I also hate)

      Oooo that chicken sounds gooooood!

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