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Sunday Recap: Bagels, Studying, Football, and Napping

First- thanks to all of you who have been giving me running advice, tips, encouragement, and support! I greatly appreciate all of it!!!

My Sunday was primarily spent studying for the GRE. Can’t wait till this is over…

In the AM, I bought bagels from Bagel Street Cafe and brought them over to Kyle’s for brunch. We got 2 different types and split them: cinnamon sugar and asiago cheese #whyidonthaveflatabs

Tasted way better than it looks
Tasted way better than it looks

The rest of the day basically went like this:

Study study study –> Caught a tiny bit of the Niner’s game –> Nap –> Study –> Dinner


Thank goodness for Kyle who has been helping me study. He’s kind of the best.

I, of course, forgot to take a photo of dinner- which, BTW, is always amazing at Kyle’s family’s house. Last night was salmon and some sort of red meat (can you tell I don’t eat red meat?), salad, roasted potatoes and asparagus, and quinoa. But I did capture this lovefest

Photo Sep 22, 7 59 52 PM
Post-dinner nap

When I got home, I found out my dad had won the Club (Blackhawk Country Club) Championship!! He’s come in second place, I don’t even know how many years, so finally a WIN!

He shot a triple birdie on a par 4…something something…fast greens…something something…while drinking an Arnold Palmer.

I kid, I made all that up.

How  much I know about golf
How much I know about golf

Anyways, my awesome mama bought me these gloves for running (obviously for the fall/winter). Pretty excited to use them. Not pretty excited for it to be that cold to have to use them.

Got to love Costco...and moms
Got to love Costco…and moms

Lastly, I must leave you with this gem that Kyle showed me- you’re welcome dog/animal lovers and owners.

Happy Monday everyone!


11 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: Bagels, Studying, Football, and Napping

  1. Ohhhh I am the exact opposite, I am counting down each and every one of NC’s hot, humid, sweaty days until it gets colder!

    Gloves are clutch though for the colder temps, I often end up wearing gloves inside my mittens because my hands get to icy!

    1. Haha that’s true! Actually, I would rather run in the cold than super hot temperatures.

      Yikes! Double gloving! I had to do that in Europe (in January) and I cannot imagine running in that. You’re a beast- you have it much worse than my wimpy (northern) CA butt…

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