The run that NEEDED to happen

My first half marathon is in 2 weeks and 1 day!! Today was my last longish run until then, and I needed it to smack my face with a dose of reality.

Ran 8 miles, 1:17:08, 9:38 pace

  • 9:59 (warm-up)
  • 9:15
  • 9:32
  • 10:10 (I hate mile 4, always have)
  • 9:24 (took a gel)
  • 9:42
  • 9:40
  • 9:24 (started to rain- rained the whole last mile)

I really wanted to run my first half in under 2 hours (need 9:09 pace), but based on today’s run I don’t know that I’ll make it. This run wasn’t particularly hard, so I’m hoping adrenaline will kick in on race day and MAYBE I could do it?

Any runners out there who increased their speed/pace quite a bit on race day?? Give me some motivation please πŸ™‚

Today’s run I was actually playing with speed work (or at least trying). I found an article in Runner’s World and they gave a tip for runners who want to run a half in 2 hours.

  • 10 min warm-up
  • 18 min at race pace
  • 3 min jog
  • Repeat for at least 3x (not the 10 min warm-up)
  • 10 min cool down

I actually didn’t do the 10 min cool down because it was raining and I wanted to get home. I also have no idea if I stayed at race pace during those 18 min increments because my watch tracks by mile…but I’m hoping I was close.

TIP for running if you know it might rain: bring a Ziploc bag with you.

I thought about doing this last night, and then tried to talk myself out of not bringing my phone. I told Kyle and he wanted me to bring my phone for emergencies and also brought up the Ziploc bag idea. When the super smart boyfriend brings up a good point, you gotta do it…

I just put one in my shorts pocket and glad I did! FYI it’s not easy to take a phone out of an arm band and quickly shove it into a bag while trying to keep your same pace and NOT drop your phone- or at least it’s not easy for clumsy people…

Any tips for my last 2 weeks before my half? I’ve been doing a lot of research but I love to hear from you guys πŸ™‚


14 thoughts on “The run that NEEDED to happen

      1. For your first few races it’s a hard concept to accept. It almost doesn’t really make much sense at first. But you want to be well rested on race day. Good luck with the race!

  1. i recommend tapering! you’ve done 12 – you’re going to do amazing. now is just enjoying your training. . . and if your like me, enjoying all the amazing carbs your body wants to hold on to for race day. you’re going to do so well! you just have to enjoy the race!

    1. Yeah, you’re right…I know I need to taper because everyone and their mother is tellin’ me, plus it’s what I’ve read you’re supposed to do. So I will. Plus if my twin does it, I have to- right? LOL I will enjoy my carbs! It’s basically the only reason for running, right? Thanks for all the advice and amazing support πŸ™‚

  2. Running intervals and pyramid miles REALLY helped me! So did running with others. Try leaving your watch at home, and joining a group run, that was huge for me!
    Good luck girl!

    1. Ahh! Running without my watch?? How will I know if I need to make myself feel bad for not running fast enough πŸ˜‰ actually, that’s great advice. I’ve been wanting to join a club for some time now, but just need to go out and do it! Thank you!!

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