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Wednesday Workout

Happy Hump Day!

Geico commercial anyone?
Geico commercial anyone??

Has this week been moving super slow for anyone else?? I think it’s because I’ve had a lot on my plate recently- I’ll explain soon.

Wednesdays are usually my 5-mile days, but my legs still don’t feel 100% after running 12 miles on Saturday. I think I cut corners when icing and stretching after my run, and now I’m paying for it. Lesson learned. i say that now until i do the same thing the next time…

I’ve found that I recover the quickest when I ice using this (provides ice and compression at the same time).

Photo Aug 24, 3 09 27 PM

I have been foam rolling semi-regularly (I know, I should do this frequently), but last night Kyle helped me stick roll. He has this one from REI.


It was horrible and I’m fairly certain, Chinese water torture is more pleasant. Kyle’s family will probably be part of a police investigation soon based on the i’m-in-pain yelling last night. Their neighbors must love me.

Anyways, my FIRST HALF MARATHON is in 2.5 weeks (!!!) and I don’t want to risk any injury by forcing myself to run 5 miles today. BTW my legs feel a lot better than yesterday (thanks Kyle, I guess…), but I still have some knots/tightness/minor pain. My plan is to do some strength training after work instead (which honestly, I’ve been majorly neglecting).

  • Step-up lunge with weights (20 per leg)
  • Reverse lunge with shoulder press (20 per leg)
  • Single-leg deadlift (12 per leg)
  • Squat with Leg Abduction and Lateral Raise (30 total)
  • Chest press (20)
  • Tricep extensions (10)
  • Bicep curls (10 per arm)
  • 5 squats followed immediately by 10 jump squats
    Repeat for total of 3x
  • Core/Ab workout

Since I wrote it out here for all 5 of you to see, now I HAVE to do it…


3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout

  1. dear lord every time zach see’s that commercial he makes us stop whatever we are doing and watch. i think it’s because the camel says “whoop whoop” at the end, and that is kind of my thing so he thinks it’s cute . . . at least that’s what i tell myself.

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