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Birthday cake or birthday tart?


After work my mom and I went to go find a birthday cake for my dad. We were going to get one from Katrina Rozelle, a  fancy local bakery (I’m pretty sure Barry Bonds got his wedding cake from her). But, it’s closed on Monday’s. boo. Kyle got my last birthday cake from there.


So we went to a local grocery store that has an amazing dessert selection. We were going to surprise my dad and pick something out, but my mom didn’t know what he would enjoy the most. apparently almost 30 years of marriage doesn’t guarantee that you will know your partner’s favorite dessert choice. that should be first date question # 1, but whatevs. He wanted a fruit tart BTW. weirdo.

I wanted to get this. How cute is that?
I wanted to get this. How cute is that?

We got home and it was too early to go out to dinner, so I got my 3 miles in. First time in a while that I’ve ran my 3-miler outdoors. I’ve been running these before work on my treadmill. Here’s the deats:

3.01 miles, 26:32, 8:49 pace (9:30, 8:44, 8:16)

Super hard. My legs were definitely still tired from Saturday’s run.

My parents took my dog for a walk while I went on my run. She kind of freaks out when you run passed her and doesn’t know where to go, until she see’s a squirrel/bird/food/poop and then she’s fine.

Does this make me look fat?
Does this make me look fat?

Dinner was dinner. I have no pics because I am lame and never remember. Kyle “went to the bathroom” towards the end of dinner, but actually went and paid for the entire dinner. *insert awwww.

After dinner we went back to our house for dessert and presents.

Photo Sep 16, 8 33 54 PM
The yummy fruit tart.

Annie wanted to put 53 candles on the cake but I’m fairly certain that would violate some sort of fire safety law.

We got my dad Michael Buble concert tickets.

Photo Sep 17, 5 20 34 PM

He likes Michael Buble and has always said he is supposed to be really good in concert.

Off to go ice my legs. With the way they’re feeling right now, I don’t think I can run my 5 miles tomorrow…

Birthday cake or birthday tart/pie? cake, definitely cake.


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