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Super Random Sunday

Friday at work, I gave a seminar on Nutrition Basics and How to Read a Nutrition Label. It was a great honor to be asked to give the talk, and I think it went well! I’m passionate about educating people on nutrition because I don’t think we are taught enough in school (unless you major in it). I’ll share some slides later.

Photo Sep 13, 9 37 42 AM

After work, my mom and I went to Costco for produce. I found these beauties

Photo Sep 13, 5 28 27 PM
What 23 year old doesn’t want/need a life-size stuffed panda?

Actually this pic was for my sister- she LOVES pandas (I’m more of a penguin person).

This one was for me

Photo Sep 13, 5 28 59 PM
Husky pillow-pet. LOVE. We used to have a husky and I want one in the future ❤

Speaking of my sea-star (sister), she is home from school! Only for like a week though. She really missed our dog and maybe had too much fun last night…

You’re welcome.

Oh, because EVERYTHING is a competition, I had to share this to prove to my mom that I am better at keeping plants alive. These are the same plants and were bought at the same time. Mine is on the left, my mom’s is on the right. #winning

Photo Sep 13, 12 45 27 PM Photo Sep 15, 10 33 07 AM

And last but not least…remember yesterday how I ran 12 miles? Well, Kyle helped me ice

Gus (behind me) is like WTF?
Gus (behind me) is like WTF?

Happy Sunday! Go 49er’s!

How do you ice? If not like this, you’re doing it wrong.

Are you super competitive with family members?


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