Life Lessons from Disney movies and Friends

I checked Facebook last night (which I’m not very good at remembering to do) and my cutie sister had sent me links to some articles: “Everything We Need to Know We Learned From Disney Movies” and “31 Things ‘Friends’ Taught Us About Life

Um, HELLO! Obsessed with Disney and have probably seen every episode of Friends at least 15 times. #unhealthy. Even though you already know that Disney and Friends are the best way to learn lessons in life, I’m just going to reinforce that today.

This week I was back to my normal running schedule. Tuesday I ran 3 miles. Wednesday I ran 5 miles: 48:38, 9:42 pace (9:01, 9:41, 10:11, 9:36, 10:07). Took it slow but still felt like I was out of shape.

My Garmin in the dark
My Garmin in the dark

On my run, I made sure not accept fuel from strangers, as Disney has taught me

Snow White
This rule can also be applied to creepy men and vans that say “free candy”

Yesterday (Thursday) I also ran 3 miles after work while watching MasterChef. Nothing like watching people make food as you try to burn it off…but I learned from Friends, it is important to exercise.

The real reason why Kyle won't run with me
The real reason why Kyle won’t run with me

But he does occasionally go with me because I


Later last night, Kyle came over for dinner- homemade turkey meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti, roasted carrots, salad, roasted garlic sourdough bread. Love me some carbs!

Photo Sep 05, 7 41 20 PM (1)
If it looks like I already started eating, you are correct. Kyle reminded me to take a pic after I had already started to stuff my face. Oops.

These didn’t really fit into my little update, but here’s my life lessons learned from Friends:

How I asked Kyle out. I kid.
How I asked Kyle out 😉 I kid.
We love using this line
Real World
Enjoy it while you can Annie and cousins
And what Kyle does to get out of speeding tickets. Ha! I kid.
And what Kyle does to get out of speeding tickets. Ha! I kid.

Back to business.

Saturday is my long run day- 11 miles. We’ll see if I stick to the 11 miles but I’m definitely going to listen to my body/shins.

Anyone else pleased with the MasterChef elimination this week? And by this I mean the FIRST elimination.

And anyone else obessesed with Disney and/or Friends? If not, I don’t think we can be friends anymore…


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons from Disney movies and Friends

  1. the best part of Masterchef this week was having the boys watch it with me. I actually came home and they were watching it already! I was bummed because I really liked Jessie. She seemed to be a wonderful cook but also had a pleasant personality. Chrissie had to go. Still not a fan of Natasha. Luca is Luca. I think the judges want Natasha. Early on there was lots of video of her being appallingly cocky- that has changed, perhaps to make us not hate her so much . . . too late for me!

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