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Recap of my trip to Washington: Part 2

If you missed it, check out Part 1 here! Put your reading photo-looking pants on, this one’s a long one folks.

Saturday was the day of the wedding at Farm Kitchen! It was a beautiful location with an intimate feel.

I was super nervous about attending this wedding- I felt like I was crashing it even though I was assured multiple times (by Kyle’s mom) that I was invited.

Waiting around before the ceremony
Waiting around before the ceremony

My fear dissipated after we arrived and the bride was taking pre-ceremony photos with her side of the family. My boyfriend’s family was summoned over and I tried to stay back and hide, but nope. The bride’s sister Halie called me over (by name)- we had never even met! So that should give you an idea of how friendly and inviting the group was.

It was a more casual wedding. Look how cute the groom/groomsmen were with their outfits!

Photo Aug 31, 4 16 53 PM

And the bridesmaids with their cute green dresses

Photo Aug 31, 4 16 58 PM
FYI they all were wearing TOMS wedges (including the bride). Awesome idea.

BTW the kids in this wedding were the cutest freaking kids ever.

Holy. Freaking. Cute.
Holy. Freaking. Cute.

And the gorgeous bride, which I was unable to get a good close photo of

Photo Aug 31, 4 15 15 PM
Her dress was amazing

The super cute cake that was layered chocolate and lemon.

Photo Aug 31, 4 27 16 PM
How adorable are those mushrooms?

And a major photo dump of family photos

Photo Aug 31, 7 02 36 PM (3)
My favorite guy

Such a fun night!

Photo Aug 31, 7 12 16 PM Photo Aug 31, 7 12 20 PM

The day after the wedding, the boys went kayaking. I was debating the whole time whether or not I wanted to go (I have a huge fear of open water). I told myself I was going to go, up until they asked how many people were renting kayaks. and then i peed my shorts. At least I was able to get some shots of them!

Travis, Kyle, Drew
Travis, Kyle, Drew
Amy Blog-12
Look who’s not payin attention in class

Amy Blog-15 Amy Blog-14

Kyle told me it was probably best that I didn’t go. Some seals got really close to them and he wasn’t sure if they were going to jump on top of their kayaks- which would have sent me over the edge.

As promised in part 1, abdominal snowman poop. This shouldn’t make any sense to you, so I’ll explain. Kyle and I went clam digging during low-tide one morning! Or so we thought…

We walking to an area on the beach that was COVERED in sand-dollars. I’ve never seen them alive before. They look like they are shimmering in the sun, but when you look close, the shimmering is what looks like breathing.

Photo Sep 01, 9 33 10 AM

Anyways, we went clam digging by walking/stomping around and waiting to see water shoot up from the sand. We dug a couple inches and voila- a clam!

The clams looked like the one in my hand below, but then I brought this empty shell home for my mom.

Photo Sep 03, 9 33 09 PM

She pointed out the one on the right and said that was a clam. Now Kyle and I aren’t sure what we actually dug up. My mom suggested scallops. Kyle and I think it’s abdominal snowman poop…obviously.

This started because Kyle’s brother, Travis, heard something on the beach in the bushes. We said it was the abominable snowman…which morphed into abdominal snowman…which morphed into the above picture being his poop. Duh.

If you followed that logic, I am concerned for your mental health.

And sorry for the photo assault.

Anyone know what we dug up? Have you ever gone clam digging?


7 thoughts on “Recap of my trip to Washington: Part 2

  1. What a fun and unique wedding! Love the cake, especially with the mushrooms!
    Did your fear of open water stem from your kayaking “adventure”, ahem, with your
    dad in Hawaii? ๐Ÿ˜‰ (the wink is for your dad in case he reads this)

  2. I’m sure it is Aunty 10e – Erin said she had never feared AMY before but the yelling sent her over the edge – she said AMY can be really scary!!!! she said if they didn’t drown AMY was going to Kill her or Uncle!!!!

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