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Recap of my trip to Washington: Part 1

If you didn’t know already, I went on a trip to Washington with Kyle and his family this past Labor Day weekend! I kept the family part a secret so no one would think their house was unoccupied. They had 2 house guests, 2 dogs and a cat- so I guess it wouldn’t have mattered #callmecautious

I gave y’all some snapshots but here’s a better recap of my trip! I’ll break it up into 2 parts so you don’t feel like you want to punch my face.

We flew into Sea-Tac Thursday morning and opted to take the ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. We drove on to the ferry and got to hop out once we got going. It’s more expensive this way, but fun if you’ve never tried it before!

(L to R) Kyle's brother (Travis), Kyle, me, Kyle's dad. Kyle's mom was taking the photo
(L to R) Kyle’s brother (Travis), Kyle, me, Kyle’s dad.
Kyle’s mom was taking the photo
Pretty great view right?
Pretty great view right?

We then drove to our rental house in Poulsbo. I already showed this photo, but isn’t this a beautiful view- the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway.

View from our house
View from our house

Here’s another one of the whole family, out on the back porch at sunset.

Amy Blog-9
(L to R) Top: Kyle, me, his dad Randy, his mom Linda, Aunt Ingrid, cousin Hannah, Uncle Scot
Bottom: brother Travis, grandfather and grandmother, cousin Drew

This was a great vacation house! I mean, it’s hard to beat views like that. The only down side was that the house is on septic (not sewer) so we had some plumbing issues.

We couldn’t run the dishwasher and shower at the same time, unless you like the sweet smell of poo in your bedroom/bathroom. We learned that one quickly! While there, we subscribed to the rule: *If it’s yellow let it mellow. But hey, if that’s your biggest problem, your life is pretty good 😉

*This rule can be ignored in the event of asparagus pee.

On Friday we went into Seattle. You can see more photos here. We wanted to go to the top of the Space Needle, but decided not to because it would have been pricey with such a large group.

We stopped off at Pike’s Place Market

Photo Cred- Kyle
Photo Cred- Kyle

Watched some people play with their food

Amy Blog-3Amy Blog-2

Stopped by the Gum Wall near Pike Place Market

Photo credit: Kyle's brother Travis
Photo credit: Kyle’s brother, Travis

It’s completely disgusting and totally cool. And it smells like you think it would: dirty, old fruity gum. Kyle’s brother stuck a Giant’s ticket on the wall.

And I got gum stuck in my hair. I kid.
And I got gum stuck in my hair. I kid. Can you say nightmare?

If you haven’t visited Pike’s Place Market, it’s quite an experience. I thought it was really fun! They have stands selling everything from fresh fish to jewelry to jams to flowers to nuts. A very exciting and lively place!

We also walked by the first Starbucks (sorry for the photo repeat)

Photo Aug 30, 12 53 34 PM

And later we walked around by the pier.

Meet Travis, pro-photo bomber

Amy Blog-6 Amy Blog-7

I’ll post the second half of the trip later! It will include the wedding, kayaking, and abdominal (not to be confused with abominable) snowman poop.


And because it’s always great to end on a boring note, my WORKOUT from yesterday:

Ran 3 miles, I should say jogged. First 3 miler since having shin problems, but no pain!

And this folks, is why treadmills were invented:

Pink and green shoes, blue socks, black compression sleeves. Not pictured: blue and gold Cal running shorts
Pink and green shoes, blue socks, black compression sleeves. Not pictured: blue and gold Cal running shorts #notmeantforpublicviewing

Have a happy hump day!


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