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Snapshots of Seattle



Ran 1.97 miles. Woo! Super short run but no shin pain! I dragged Kyle and his brother on a run around our neighborhood. Unfortunately the entire first mile was uphill- like big hills. That’ll make you feel like a chain-smoking 90 year old on a bacon-exclusive diet.

To give you an idea: mile 1- 10:34, mile 2- 7:23. And yes, it kills me that i didn’t round that up to 2 miles but I literally had no more room to run.

Earlier that day we went into Seattle. Here’s some quick pics:

I did something super dorky and brought chia seeds on our trip…what’s that? Oh your omega-3’s are plummeting? Woops, guess you should have remembered these bad boys!

But seriously, awesome idea
But seriously, awesome idea

We walked around Pike’s Place Market for a good portion of the morning.

Photo Aug 30, 11 17 26 AM

I sent this uber dorky photo to my friend Paulina. She’s Polish, and I’m offensive.


Best decision I’ve made in a while. Lemon blueberry French toast for lunch. I don’t even like French toast but this was calling my name.

So. Freaking. Good.
So. Freaking. Good.

Doin some more touristy things

The first Starbucks
The first Starbucks
Tonight's sunset
Tonight’s sunset

These are only from my phone so there will be more later πŸ™‚

Hope you’re enjoying the holiday weekend!


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