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Off to Washington and a little morning running survey

Woohoo. I’m off to Washington (state)! Kyle was invited to a wedding and his date backed out at the last minute so he was stuck with me. I kid. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be stuck with that

Photo Jul 29, 12 51 32 PM

for a 5 day weekend?

(I was giving Kyle a dirty look- joke’s on me…and apparently I had a stroke during my dirty look)

I am fairly certain that I am an overpacker. I always like to have options, so that means my whole bedroom gets packed up. And my cat doesn’t help…

Do your cats always climb into your suitcase too?

I don’t think they want me to leave

Hiding underneath part of the suitcase
Hiding underneath part of the suitcase
Blocking my door
Blocking my door

Anyways, I saw this on SCB and had to copy 🙂 I love reading/taking fun surveys!

1.     Do you prefer to run a large race like Rock N Roll or smaller local races?  Why?

I’m a runner newbie, so this answer could quite possibly change. My first half marathon will be a Rock N’ Roll!


But all the 5K’s I have done are smaller local races. I bet I will prefer smaller races just because I will probably get nervous during larger ones. We shall see 🙂

2.     Do you typically plan a vacation around a race?

Nope but I can see this in my future! I am a recent college graduate and want to go to graduate school, so I don’t go on vacation very often (to save money). Oh, except that month I traveled around Europe…

Neuschwanstein Castle- Schwangau, Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle- Schwangau, Germany

3.     We always talk about things we need to work on, but tell me the positive things you are good about doing before/after a run.

Hydrating! I drink a LOT of water in general so this is easy for me. And I guess I am usually good about taking off my running shoes (to avoid putting miles on them).

4.     Gels/GU/gummy bears, what’s your favorite fuel?

So far I like the Organic Honey Stinger Gels.


I like that they are organic and made from honey. hello captain obvious. I really want to try chews though. We’ll see if I can run and chew at the same time though, swallowing is already pretty dicey.

5.     What is one piece of gear you can NOT run without?

I can go with the obvious, my running shoes, but that’s kind of boring. Love my Mizunos, I also have them in blue/lime green.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 9
Mizuno Wave Inspire 9

But, aside from my shoes, I don’t think I could go on a long run without my Garmin Forerunner 10.

Love it.
Love it.

It really helps me to be able to see what mile I am on and my pace. It encourages me to speed up (and sometimes slow down). #mentallyweak

6.     What is your favorite distance to run?

Anything over 4 miles. I usually run mile 1 faster than I want, purposely slow down in mile 2, hate mile 3, and then I start to get in a good rhythm.

Not a perfect example, but you get the idea
Not a perfect example, but you get the idea

7.     What food or foods do not sit well on your stomach before a long run?

Anything fatty- actually fatty foods usually give me a stomach ache even when I don’t run too. I usually don’t eat before my morning runs unless it is >5 miles. If it is a long run, I eat a banana but I am still experimenting with pre-race fuel.

8.     What time of day do you run?

Morning! I hate running after work, mostly because my stomach doesn’t like it.

Photo Aug 14, 9 19 27 PM

9.     What is the worst or most useless piece of gear you ever bought?

Hmm I haven’t purchased any running gear, thus far, that I haven’t used. #knockonwood

10.  How would you make a piece of gear better?  Or if you could design a product what would it be?

Ok, wouldn’t it be totally awesome if my watch had a camera in it? So that when I am running and see something I want to capture, whether it may be a pretty landscape or old man in too short running shorts (enter PSA on what NOT to wear), I can just hit a button! That way I don’t have to pull my phone out, potentially drop it, and/or stop to take the picture.

It would look something like this
It would look something like this

K, you know you want one now. Isn’t my clipart art fantastic?

11.  What’s on your fall race calendar?

San Jose Rock N’ Roll Half Marathon. My first one! Potentially more this fall if I don’t accidentally kill myself during this one.


Feel free to comment below with your answers 🙂 


10 thoughts on “Off to Washington and a little morning running survey

  1. Amy, you are too funny. I always crack up when I read your blog. (oh not about your shin splints tho, sorry to hear about that. hope it’s getting better.)

  2. Oh my gosh I want your camera watch! I have the worlds tiniest camera, but even it is a pain to run with. You are too funny with your posts — I can’t wait until your race recap…I know your shins will be better soon! My first half was also an RNR and I did well with all the energy, and felt pressure to keep going thanks to all the spectators :).
    PS: You’re kinda speedy there lady with your splits.

    1. I’ll let you have a camera-watch for free after I meet with the camera-watch making company 😉

      Oh good! I’m hoping that will happen during my first half as well 🙂

      Haha thanks, that was probably and unusually fast run…

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