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Watch out for…

FAKE, yes fake, Greek yogurt.

I have to vent. I went to Safeway with Kyle last weekend to buy stuff for his birthday dinner. I also picked up some random things that I needed, such as Greek yogurt. Well, I was too busy making sure Kyle didn’t see what was in my cart and forgot to pay attention to what I was buying… #rookie

Don't buy me!
Don’t buy me!

I’m creature of habit. If I find something that I love, I’ll stick with it. I mean, I’ve been going to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants since elementary school and I’ve only tried 1 thing on the menu…

For some reason I purchased that nasty “Greek” yogurt (above) instead of my usual. So I wanted to warn y’all about fake Greek yogurt. I had heard about this stuff but never worried about it because I always bought the same brand. #rookiemistakenumbertwo

Photo Aug 27, 9 06 03 PM

Some brands of “Greek” yogurt will add thickeners (like cornstarch) and use milk protein concentrates (MPC). Bleh! There is no legal definition for Greek yogurt, so they can get away with this. A true plain Greek yogurt should only have milk and cultures. Example taken from the Fage website, their ingredients:

Grade A Pasteurized Skimmed Milk, Live Active Yogurt Cultures (L. Bulgaricus, S. Thermophilus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus, L. Casei).


The Lucerne “Greek” Yogurt that I tried does taste fake (to me). It has a weird texture and I can taste cornstarch. Even if you don’t care about the additives, the taste alone should be a reason not to buy it.

I am not claiming to be any sort of expert and I certainly don’t want to tell you what you should be eating-unless it is frozen yogurt because you definitely SHOULD be eating that 😉 This is just a warning in case you’re like me and prefer to keep your Greek yogurt/food as natural as possible.

Rant over.


Still no running for this girl.

Photo Aug 24, 3 09 27 PM

So far I have missed 5 runs 😦 Stupid shins. like really, how important could they really be?

Have a happy hump day 🙂


4 thoughts on “Watch out for…

  1. Well hot dang. . . I never knew there was fake Greek Yogurt and I’m a big yogurt girl. Good to know. I have my favorites, but sometimes go for the “on sale” brands. Good reminder to make sure I look at the ingredients.

    1. I know! It’s ridiculous! I think that’s how I ended up with the tub o cornstarch- it was on sale…lesson learned.

      LOL thanks! You crack me up! I might start running again but keep it light, all dependent on the pain level though.

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