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Compression, icing, dinner and cupcakes

So I started icing and compressing with this Vitalwrap System that my mom used when she had knee surgery. Best. Idea. Ever. don’t tell my mom i am admitting she was right.

Photo Aug 24, 3 09 27 PM

It wraps around your injured area (my shin), and pumps very cold water to “ice” it and then it also compresses. I did this 3 times yesterday and so far once today, and my shin is already feeling a lot better! Hopefully I will be back to running this week!


Yesterday my mom, twin cousins, Kyle, and I went to dinner. My dad was too cool to join, attending a birthday party and what not. My mom had been baby sitting my cousins since Thursday because my aunt and uncle had to move my baby cousin to college. *tears up*

As you know I never remember to take photos of my food, but I did manage to capture this gem.

Jealousy swap
Jealousy swap

No, Kyle did not actually steal a toy from a child. But our staging is pretty darn good right?

After dinner, Kyle twisted my arm and dragged me to get frozen yogurt. ha. Our favorite place is Yogurt Shack. Always new, fun flavors, and it’s (locally) family owned so it makes me feel better about stuffing my face.

We both ended up getting the same flavors which I think might be a first. Marshmallow and Pomegranate/Raspberry. When I first asked to try the marshmallow, Kyle said “That does not sound good at all.” And then I made him try it…he was wrong. It wasn’t a smack-you-in-the-face-marshmallow flavor, which made it so delectable.

So freaking good.
So freaking good.

Last night I also baked my Pumpkin cupcakes for today (recipe to come later).

Photo Aug 24, 10 14 10 PM


My day is already packed, and I wanted to get the baking done so I only need to make the cream cheese frosting today. Note for future Amy: cream cheese frosting is harder to pipe. Always forget that.

This morning I worked on some stuff for Kyle’s birthday (which is tomorrow!!!)- details to come later, and then Kyle wanted me to go shopping with him. We are going to a wedding next week so Kyle needed some new dress pants.

One of my proudest shopping moments
One of my proudest shopping moments

We went to the Banana Republic Outlet store. Kyle bought 2 polos, 1 pair of wool dress pants, and 2 pairs of jeans for a total of $106.57. All of his items were 40 or 50% off, plus we had a coupon for an additional 40% off. you can’t afford NOT to buy it. BTW he never shops so this looks like a lot of clothing, but it only happens like once a year.

Off to finish birthday stuff for tomorrow, and then to our fake holiday get-together!


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