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Pity Party, Table for 1

Today was supposed to be my 10 mile run.

I geared up and taped my shin

I could already tell that my shin was NOT healed. I jogged around my house and it hurt a little. But because I am awesomely stubborn, I left the house for my run, thinking that it would magically heal with the power of shin fairies and denial dust.

I ran about 0.5 miles. Had to turn around. Thoughts that were/are going through my head (expletives were also in these statements but were mostly left out because it’s too hard to type @#$%^*& in between ever other word):

  • Seriously, 0.5 miles? Lamest. Workout. Ever.
  • I think I can keep going, it doesn’t hurt bad and I know I would make it 10 miles.
  • No you f%^&ing idiot. Yeah you get a 10 mile run in today and then you’re out for weeks because you made it worse.
  • I’m getting fat. Oh so fat.
  • Great, I can’t even do a good arm workout because my shoulder is still messed up from crashing my bike.
  • I know all these people are judging me (others on the trail)
  • Oh get over yourself, no one gives a f&^%
  • Everyone better leave me alone. Like all day. Like forever.
  • I need to Google shin splints + healing

And the list goes on.

Even though I am completely miserable, only due to the fact that I am feeling sorry for myself, I know I did the right thing.

My best advice for those of you in similar situations: Listen to your body and don’t be an idiot and fight through the pain. You know your body and know what good versus bad pain is. Is getting in one good workout worth weeks/months out of commission? Probably not. Feel sorry for yourself, get angry and grumpy, write a blog bitching about how your life sucks, then move on.

I am not going to let this ruin my fun-filled weekend. I am not going to let this ruin my fun-filled weekend. I am not going to let this ruin my fun-filled weekend.

My stupid mantra that I am going to repeat over and over again until I actually believe it.

Clearly I am not past the “feeling sorry for yourself/angry and grumpy” stage yet.


5 thoughts on “Pity Party, Table for 1

  1. I thought about you on my run this morning! My smart self wore 5 inch hells yesterday and almost fell about 5 times in a 1 mile walk. I definitely felt that in my knees this morning, but thankfully it was nothing seriously. Just a bit of lost pride on the walk home last night. I’m so sorry you had it rough — but you ABSOLUTELY did the right thing. Like you said, you could have done it, and it would have been your last run for a VERY long time. Not fun. Feel free to bitch to me if you need to, you know I understand!

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