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Fajitas and Babysitting

Taking another day off from running due to shin issues = cranky Amy who cannot sit still. It’s not really hurting (not 100% though) but I want to play it safe because I have a 10 mile run on Saturday. I also realized I need to be extra careful because it would suck to injure myself now, when my first half marathon(!) is less than 1.5 months away!

Love this marathon sign
Love this marathon sign

I told y’all that last night we had fajitas. Here’s the delicious pics.


I tried to make them healthier by using cabbage wraps instead of tortillas. I think Kyle wanted me to sit at a separate table so he would be associated with “that.”

Looked bigger in person
Looked bigger in person


Today I baby sat my twin cousins. My mom was supposed to pick them up from school, but I offered because I remember how cool it was when someone other than your parents picked you up from school. And I wanted to be on the other side this time!

Look at me all domesticated and sh@#

And I made sure they were both buckled- we did NOT take off like this I promise.

I also brought them some cookies from work. Shhhh don’t tell their mom…maybe she won’t read this post?

They actually forgot about the cookies so they might not even get eaten
They actually forgot about the cookies so they might not even get eaten

After picking them up, I took them home and got them ready to go swimming. In case you were wondering, it takes about 50 minutes to get 2 boys sunscreened, swim-suited-up, and water bottles and snacks picked out. We took brief intermissions (due to lack of focus) to play with remote control cars. ohh right, i was actually looking for goggles…

Photo Aug 22, 6 11 03 PM

I now appreciate all the times my parents watched my sister and me swim…without drowning us.

Sample sentences from this evening- all said at least 15x per kid:

  • Amy, was I straight (referring to handstands)? Amy! Was I?
  • Amy watch! Did you see???
  • Look how long I can hold my breath!

Sample excuses as I was trying to get them out of the pool:

  • One more jump, I need a do-over
  • I’m just tying my shorts
  • Yeah, I need to tie my shorts too
  • What? *ducks head under water as I start talking*
Cannon ball
Cannon ball

Had to get a good jump shot for their mommy- resulted in a lot of “do-overs.” I think lifeguards were actually invented to prevent parents from killing their children. I kid, it was actually fun…for one night.

After swimming, we headed back to their house where my mom had made dinner. Whole wheat spaghetti and meatballs. Keepin’ it simple to avoid “I don’t think I like _____” statements.

Oh, and these organic bad boys.

Can I just eat these for dinner?
Can I just eat these for dinner?

The boys were pretty tired after dinner. Successful pool outing if I do say so myself.

He had a tough day at work
He had a tough day at work (that’s a massage chair)

Have a great evening! Remember, tomorrow is FRIDAY πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “Fajitas and Babysitting

  1. Thank Amy for taking such good care of those boys! They looked like they were having a blast!!!!! And I saw the cookies!

  2. The boys are ADORABLE! Looks like you guys had a great time!
    And I’ll be thinking about you on my own 10 mile run this weekend! I hope the shins are doing better, you’re smart(er than me) to rest then, it’s the only way they heal. Why is it so easy to say that, but SO HARD TO PRACTICE?

    1. Haha yeah, they’re pretty cute. Too bad they’re starting to develop an attitude!

      Oh yay! We’re both doing 10 miles- I’ll use you to keep me motivated! I’m hoping my shin will be fine on my run…It’s SOOOO hard to NOT run. That’s why we need significant others to yell at us not to πŸ˜‰

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