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Whining Wednesday

Check it out! I got an email for the San Jose Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon, and this will be this year’s finishers medal.

If I finish, this will be my first medal in my adult life!

I’m starting to get really excited (and nervous)! About 1.5 months away!

Another thing I am getting nervous about (NOT excited)- the GRE. I signed up to take it again September 30th. This time around I need to focus on working under time constraints.

My study schedule until the end of Sept.

If you have a lot to do and it starts to seem overwhelming, plan it out/write it out. It helps me to write out a schedule of what I need to do by a certain date and cross things off as I go. I did this in school, and I do it every week at work.

K, now on to the whining part. but actually it’s more of an “i’m an idiot” wednesday.

The idiot strikes again! I wore another shirt that wrinkles really easily so I look like a slob about 2 sit down-stand ups into the day.

You think it's against safety regulations to bring a portable steamer to work?
You think it’s against safety regulations to bring a portable steamer to work?

Other things I am wearing today- compression sleeves! I want to find a pair of long compression socks (PROCompression marathon socks are too big for me), but I do love the sleeves. I taped up my shin this morning and added compression sleeves for more support/increased circulation.

No one can tell
And no one can tell

But, note to self: Don’t think you can skip the pre-wrap because you don’t have any and don’t want to go buy it. You will rip off a layer of skin and feel like you shaved your leg with a 2 year old razor used to shave a cat.

Looks worse in person
Looks worse in person, and damn I’m pale.

On more random thing to complain about- Remember a couple weeks ago I ordered 2 shirts from


I will NOT be ordering from them again. I had to return the shirts because they were too short for my liking, but I was only refunded about half of what I paid because they subtract a bunch for return shipping. This is my own fault, but I don’t like the idea of charging people for items they give back to you. I guess this is why I only shop at certain stores. i don’t like change.

Do you wear compression gear? What’s your favorite?

Do you like to shop online, or do you prefer in stores?


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