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All rest and no run makes Amy a cranky girl

Happy Hump Day everyone! I’m getting excited for the weekend!

So on Sunday, I did this workout. Part way through I felt something weird in my shin, but nothing alarming. Well, my shin hurt Monday and Tuesday (and today), so Kyle made me promise that I wouldn’t run or workout today. Today was supposed to a 5 miler.

Ice ice baby
Ice ice baby

I get kind of cranky when I don’t get to work out. I feel lazy and like a fat slob and like I’ve accomplished nothing. But I guess it’s good that I have Kyle to make me rest so that I don’t get seriously injured. I’ll be fine with resting the through Friday if I am able to run my 10 miler on Saturday.

I’m lacking in the exercise department today, but at least my meals are healthy!

Breakfast smoothie
Breakfast smoothie

I’ve been eating a lot of egg whites for breakfast lately so I was excited for my smoothie this morning. Today it was NF cottage cheese, NF Plain Greek yogurt, kale, a small banana, and a plum. Cottage cheese for the protein (definitely not for the taste), and yogurt for the protein and digestion aiding properties (plain because all other flavors have way too much added sugar, even vanilla!).

Mid-morning snack
Mid-morning snack- a little bit of NF Plain Greek yogurt with cinnamon

A lunch that would make Kyle (and others) gag just a little bit ๐Ÿ˜‰ That’s tempeh with salsa (weird combo, I know) and a steamed sweet potato. Although, that is quite possibly a yam or albino sweet potato (is that a thing?) because the bin wasn’t clearly labeled. Every other time I buy sweet potatoes, they are orange on the inside so I’m fairly certain this is a different spud.

Dontcha just want to share ๐Ÿ™‚

Afternoon snack:

Afternoon snack- apple with a little bit of raw almonds
Apple with a little bit of raw almonds

Kyle comes over for dinner later. Fajita night! A part of me prefers to have Mexican food on Tuesdays or Fridays just so I can say Taco Tuesday or Fiesta/Fajita Friday. i think i need another hobby.

One last thing: Kyle’s sister, Ashley, is visiting from New York! She’s performing at her friend’s wedding this coming weekend! She’s an amazing singer and sang us 2 songs last night. I think tissues will be needed.

Oh and she brought a present for me which automatically moves her up in the awesome department. jk guys. But it was super sweet of her! BTW it looks much better in person, the picture is kind of horrible.

Bracelet made from old silverware from 1939
Bracelet made from old silverware from 1939

Are you stubborn about “taking it easy” when injured? Have you ever injured your shins?


4 thoughts on “All rest and no run makes Amy a cranky girl

  1. Six weeks of inactivity DEFINITELY affected my mood and outlook. Discovering how far out of shape I had fallen made the mood even worse! It’s a slow climb back, but one worth attempting Off to the pool for a mini workout! ๐Ÿ™‚

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