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Chocolate Chip We’ll Miss You Cookies and Anti-chafe Balm


Ran 3 miles. I’m starting to like this 5:30 AM running thing because I get to watch Boy Meets World. I used to HATE running on a treadmill, even while watching TV/movies because they never seemed to distract me enough. BMW seems to be the first show that makes me excited to run on the ‘mill.


Yesterday I baked some chocolate chip cookies for a coworker. She’s leaving us for a better position at a different biotech company 😦 We’ll miss her but we’re super excited for her!

Fresh out of the oven
Fresh out of the oven!

I texted this photo to Kyle.

Look at all that cookie dough
Look at all that cookie dough

I was hoping this pic would “force” him to come over. He’s a little bit in love with cookie dough. When he offers to “help” me bake cookies, it usually involves him fetching me items on top shelves followed by bowl and spoon licking. To be fair, I’m a control freak and get uptight when people help me bake. I think my dad would add, “wait, just when you bake?”

Photo Aug 19, 7 19 55 PM
I think Kyle would almost prefer to eat them like this.

I’ve come to realize one of the ways I show love is through my baking and cooking. It brings me great joy to prepare a meal or dessert for people I care about. This is also a great way to make friends at work. JK…but not really.

Photo Aug 19, 8 29 53 PM
The white plate is for my office area. The striped box is for my friend (doesn’t look like much but 12 cookies are in there)

Everyone in my office area loves when I bring desserts. I usually bring my baking experiments or leftovers from when I got bored/stressed/hungry. They say I’m trying to fatten them up πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I also stopped off at REI to pick up some anti-chafe balm.

Super sexy
Super sexy

I thought I was going to be the lucky few who didn’t chafe while running. Found out that I was wrong on Saturday…

One last random item: My sister sent this to me and said it reminded her of me.

Photo Aug 18, 7 10 14 PM
Me thinks she thinks I’m simple minded.

But I can’t get mad because I totally laughed…crap, does she have a point?

Do you experience runner’s chafe? Or are you one of the lucky few?


7 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip We’ll Miss You Cookies and Anti-chafe Balm

      1. haha. Your cookies would sell well in the gift shop. I’ve been searching to find a good gluten free chocolate chip cookie recipe…I found a bread recipe that is made with garbanzo bean flour and it is quite yummy!

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