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Sprinting, sewing, burns, and butts

Sunday’s Workout:

Cross training day! I asked Kyle to be my trainer and kick my butt. He used to be a trainer at a sports performance gym, training everyone from high school athletes to professional football players. He was happy to oblige ๐Ÿ˜‰

All sprints were performed immediately after the exercise listed before it

  • Walking drill type 1 (dynamic stretching) + sprint (x2)
  • Walking drill type 2 (dynamic stretching) + sprint (x2)
  • Walking drill type 3 (dynamic stretching) + sprint (x2)
  • Walking drill type 4 (dynamic stretching) + sprint (x2)
  • 25 squats + ~15 lunges + sprint (x2)
  • 15 jump squats + ~15 lunges + sprint (x2)
  • 25 squats + hill sprint (x3)
  • 15 jump squats + hill sprint (x3)
  • Abs
The dreaded hill. It looks so much steeper on the way up.
The dreaded hill sprints. It looks so much steeper on the way up…

An updated photo of Kyle’s family’s puppy, Gus.



Yesterday I also made some baby blankets for a friend’s sister.

Photo Aug 18, 1 05 16 PM
She’s having a baby girl!

I can’t wait till all of my friends start procreating so I can make more baby blankets! Get to it ladies! JK JK.

I also worked on my protein waffle recipe. Sorry, still don’t have a recipe to post yet. This time they kind of fell apart after I removed them from the waffle iron.

They look good, until I removed them
Before. The “after” picture looks like I removed the waffles with my feet

I also got in a fight with the waffle iron. Score- Waffle Iron : 1, Amy : 0

Photo Aug 18, 2 03 40 PM

My mom was cleaning out the pantry and Skyler got nosy. She’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and does this kind of stuff all the time. She’ll hide under things with her butt and tail hanging out and swat at you as you walk by. She thinks she’s invisible…

Hehe, they can't see me.
Hehe, they can’t see me.

What do you usually do for cross training? I know you aren’t supposed to run (oops), but I needed a good sprint session.


3 thoughts on “Sprinting, sewing, burns, and butts

  1. That sprint session looks REDIC! I am impressed. For cross training I’ve been really focusing on getting in my yoga and squeezing in strength training wherever I can, but that seems to be the hardest part for me. Any day I don’t run I feel like I haven’t worked hard enough…it’s a problem haha

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