Mission Rock Resort- Dinner in SF

Yesterday evening, Kyle and I drove into the city (SF) for dinner with my BFF from high school and her boyfriend!

Incredibly unflattering pic of me, but I had to post b/c of Kyle
Incredibly unflattering pic of me, but I had to post b/c of Kyle

We say this every single time we go to SF, but we really don’t take advantage of living so close to an amazing city. One of these days, we really need to play tourist and go do touristy things all day.

We went to Mission Rock Resort because it’s where Kyle’s brother, Travis, is temporarily working. Travis used to work in television but (relatively) recently decided he wanted to make a career change into real estate. He’s the type who makes friends, literally every where he goes, and could sell ice to an Eskimo- so we think he’ll be fine ๐Ÿ˜‰

We walked into the restaurant and got super excited because the view was going to be amazing for dinner! ok, i got excited…

The view when you first walk in
The view when you first walk in

If you ever go to this restaurant, dinner was surprisingly NOT crowded. We were told we didn’t need a reservation unless we came for brunch/lunch. We got to sit outside, and under heat lamps so we weren’t cold.

Some pre-dinner entertainment. This guy (yes, there is a man in there) drove by in this little half sphere-y thingy ma-bob. The whole outside lights up (he drove by again later when it was dark). We aren’t sure what this thing was, but I’m sure you could find one on eBay if you search under “half sphere-y thingy ma-bob.”

Photo Aug 17, 7 13 49 PM
UFO- unidentified floating object

There was some miscommunication about what time dinner actually was, so our friends were running pretty late. While we were waiting, Kyle and I ordered drinks (which is a rarity). He got his usual Maker’s Mark Manhattan- up, and I got a new (to me) drink, Cucumber cutter. It was incredibly refreshing and light! I don’t like to order cocktails (or drinks for that matter) very often because I get drunk (quickly) off of the smallest amounts of alcohol. But this was perfect!

Light, refreshing, and I did not get drunk!

Oh, a plus side (one of many) of having Kyle’s brother be our waiter- we didn’t get carded because he actually knows how old we are! oh the little things.

Dinner was really good- I think everyone enjoyed their dishes. Kyle ordered the Seafood Linguine and I ordered the Fish Tacos.

I forgot to take pictures of the food and of our friends because I am a newbie blogger and cannot remember the first rule of blogging: Thou shalt take photographs of all food consumed and all people in your presence, no matter how dull said photographs may be. sorry.

I got this one though:

Photo Aug 18, 11 37 20 AM
The deck where we ate dinner- nice view huh?

Overall, a fun Saturday night ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Mission Rock Resort- Dinner in SF

  1. Haha — I’m still totally uncomfortable breaking out the camera is public places or when we’re out with people… Zach is totally fine with it and almost always asks if he can take a bite of things or if I need a picture first! It’s adorable.

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